I don’t usually promote my workshops and events on this blog, but thought I would put an invite out to any local blog readers. Mention this blog post and attend this event FREE!

Raising ecstasy through the art of movement…with the ecstatic mix of DJ Mya Hardman!

Bohemian by: Irena Jablonski

TantraDance™ is a freestyle conscious dance form where:

passion awakens
movement flows
spirit expands
stillness speaks
Joy happens

Dance to the beat of your own drum in a safe space and deepen your connection with your inner self through rhythm, breath, mindfulness and freestyle Conscious DANCE!

TantraDance™ is a fantastic keep your clothes on introduction to Tantric movement. Learn how to uncoil the sleeping snake, your divine life force energy that rests at the base of your spine! Discover/rediscover the power of your sensuous energy through ecstatic movement!

Organizer: Tantrachick
Date: Wednesday, January 9th 2013
Start Time: 7:00 pm
Event Length: 3 Hours
Payment: Will accept Salt Spring Dollars and Trade
Location: The Core Inn, 134 McPhillips Avenue (3rd floor)

For more information about Joy: http://www.joyedennelson.com
Have a question? Email Joy: saltspringmassage@yahoo.ca

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