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A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks. I am now one of the Sexperts… writing and article each week for GetLusty for Couples I will also be writing a new advice column in a local Magazine (The Marketplace). All the while, I am writing my first erotic novel!!! I am excited to say the least.

On another note, today I am facilitating the first Sacred Sexuality Meetup here on Salt Spring Island, BC. I was trying to decide what the first focus or intention for our meeting should be, when I was inspired. A young woman who is marked down as attending on my Facebook page commented on something unrelated.

She expressed her desire to work with her divine feminine and masculine for healing and growth…she sparked something within…I suppose this poem has been tucked away in my subconscious for some time, but I felt inspired and wrote it down…I always feel fear when I share my soul through my writing, but then I find my own inner warrior and my fear ceases to exist…

Title unknown, by Joy Nelson
I looked within
But I could not find her
I began to wonder
Does she truly exist?
As I contemplated, I realized
I don’t know what she looks like
What she feels like
I may not even recognize her voice
Is she filled with love?
Surely she feels some wrath
It would make sense, wouldn’t it?
But love, oh she must feel love
Does she love me?
Does she know me?
Then I found her
My divine feminine
She was wandering down a pathway
The pathway that connects my spiritual self
To my physical self
I watch her in silent awe
She is stunning
Love radiates from her
She cares deeply
I feel her acceptance
She is the essence of compassion
Her gaze is so intimate
I feel unworthy
She empathizes with my pain
My fear
My longing
She accepts me
As I watch her
I realize she is not alone
As she walks this path
Who is that beside her?
Though I do not know him
He seems familiar
I see in him an aspect of myself
One I have not yet embraced
His beauty stops my heart
Sexual energy radiates from him
Filled with wisdom
He is the essence of passion
He is clearly a warrior
He intimidates me
I am afraid
Yet I am drawn to him
He speaks volumes with his eyes
It is clear
His spirit dwells in mine
He accepts me
Embraces me
And then it hits me
With a force so powerful
I drop to my knees and weep
He is the awakened masculine
He walks this path
With my divine feminine
They are one
They dwell within each of us

From my heart to yours, Joy



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