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Whoosh! I have been writing articles and erotica for GetLusty for Couples and  a new advice column “Romance on the Rock” featured in a local magazine. Besides writing for others, I am finishing three books and writing tonnes of erotica! With the family, my lover, my practice and all my writing, I realise am letting you lovely folks down. So, besides getting Mountain to flog me when I forget to blog (tho possibly he is positively reinforcing my negative behavior?) I decided to bring in some fresh meat for your reading pleasure. Pun intended:-) Silly Daddy’s blog post today is focused on the ups and downs of being an at home dad…AND maintaining a romantic connection with yourself and your partner!

So, without further adieu, I’d like to share “Silly Daddy’s” very first blog post! Oooh….fresh meat and a first; how exciting!

Daddy Daughter
Daddy Daughter (Photo credit: lucianvenutian)Hey folks:

Hey folks, My name is Mehran. I’m a 47 yr. old man, have been married for 15 yrs and I have a 4 ½ year old boy! I have been an at home dad since my boy was 8 months old! What is an at home dad? I am still defining it! It’s not even a matter of social evolution, and how you’re perceived by others, including your family and spouse, but rather coming to terms with figuring out how you see yourself! This personal growth process is challenging, because it gives you some insight into how women are perceived and treated not only as a gender, but as parents as well and how these fabricated gender roles have consciously and sub-consciously affected us!

As a teenager, I chose to march and stand for women’s rights, and equality! Though I know now that this was my true path and the right thing to do! I realize that I didn’t truly understand why it was so important to me, or how vile I found the inequalities to be! I was walking through a store when my son was twelve months old, and a woman who worked there rushed up to me and asked “Are you Ok? Do you need any help with the baby?” I felt like saying “What is a baby?”

I remember the pain I felt, when a family member who meant me no harm asked me if I was still babysitting! And I thought about my very long days, filled with love and firsts, smiles, laughter, intrigue, and play! I was the diaper master! If you can imagine Kung-fu Panda changing diapers, well…..that was me and I loved every second of it!

Contrary to popular belief, I nurtured my ass off! Sometimes my son would fall asleep on my chest for six hours straight! I have played the roles of father, brother, playmate,  and a teacher of: language, math, science, ethics, art, music, body function, and everything else that has to do with being a good little man and human being! And he is amazing, kind, gentle, courteous, giving, helpful, honest, and loves his Mommy and Daddy! I remember my son putting lotion on his mommy’s hand and nurturing her when he was ten months old, and couldn’t even open the bottle! I helped! I had never seen a ten month old nurture someone else before!

If I ask my son “Who am I?| My son replies “Daddy!” Then I ask “What do daddies do?” And he replies “Help! “He often replies when asked “I learned it at Daddy school! ” At 4 ½ my son can operate every device in the house, including the computer! He knows how to surf the net, bookmark pages, and use drop down menus! He speaks very clearly in full sentences, and is the most curios person I know! Don’t try fooling this boy, because it just won’t work! His smile will crush any pain I ever have! And nothing feels as amazing as when he squeeze’s my neck tightly and whispers “I love you daddy!”Or zerberts his mommy’s cheek!

He was painting on his easel one day, and he asked what other people do with paint, so I busted out some books of some of my favorites: O’Keeffe, Escher, Dali, Modigliani, Musee D’Orsay, Van Gogh, and some others! But don’t worry we read lots of children’s books also!

O.k., so back to the at home thing, Your spouse is coming home, and you have to feed and nurture her, till the garden, mow an acre lawn, do the carpentry, painting, plumbing, and color and texture sensitive remodeling and decorating! She is exhausted from her day, and has seen a million working men, so you better be sexy, young, and have nothing to do with the relaxing day you just had because it will never sound exciting! Go ahead and try to get lucky with her, but since she is so tired, I suggest you wear a helmet! Sure, I am a porn star in the bedroom, the kitchen, on the stairs and anywhere else but, I offer food, wine, Massage, and comfort!

Golden Man

Remember, she is not going to want to talk a lot either! So it gets lonely at times! As an at home dad, I never get a mental break, because I have to remain present at all times whether this be for safety, or fun learning! You don’t get the drive to work, where you get to think and listen to music, or have blessed silence! You don’t get a lunch break! Dishes, laundry, vacuuming, organization, cooking, are constant! You don’t get paid and don’t expect anything in return; not even respect or appreciation!

Internal bliss Is all you can expect! Love serving or be miserable! I am blissed out by serving my family, and being with them! So when you get that rare chance to be the “at home man”, remember to keep it hot! How do you ask, listen, give, make friends, have goals, sing, dance, rejoice life, give many thanks for their presence in your life, love unconditionally, and not lose yourself? Because that is who she fell in love with. The “everything guy”. And well …..stay tuned for my next blog where I will share how I turn up the heat! Bye for now! Thank you for this opportunity to interact with the world! That’s all he wrote.

Silly Daddy

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  1. Ruby says:

    This Dad is awesome!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes indeed Miss Ruby Slippers!

  2. IslandJohn says:

    I’ve ben there brother. You should be proud of yourself

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Hello Island John,

      Funny, I immediately thought you were my brother-in-law John who sometimes reads my blog and live on Salt Spring Island with me and has also been there! Thank you for your comment and support! Breaking down stereotypes about gender roles is a topic that is dear to my heart!

      From my heart to yours,


  3. Silly Daddy says:

    There is always a bigger picture, so don’t stand behind me, as i will soon be backing up ! hahaha Namaste 🙂 and love you all!:)
    Silly Daddy

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Namaste to you too! Much love to you and thank you for your contributions to Tantrachick!

      In blogging cmmunity,

      xox Joy

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