Seeking Inspiration! Blog Topics Please


So here comes the truth…I seem to have hit a blog writing block 😉 It is not that my life is dull, trust me, it is not. After some deep exploration into the root cause of my block, I discovered the challenge. I am tired of talking about my life! So here is my request…please submit your blog post ideas in the form of either a comment on this blog post or via email:

This is a no holds bar request. You can submit any topic that truly interests you. If your topic is too intense, or does not inspire me, I will respond and request another topic…however, I commit to doing my very best to write a blog post in response to each and every topic suggestion I receive.

If you can;t think of a topic, but you have a nagging question you’ve been wanting to ask, feel free to ask! I no longer have a “Just Ask Joy” submission form on this site…but I will accept Just Ask Joy questions to anyone who asks!

From my heart to yours,



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  1. Jay says:

    Hi…You asked for suggestions and mine goes as follows: Since blogs are about sharing, it would be great if people interested in tantra and have used Tantra in their lives can provide inspiration to others via their own experiences and how they achieved what they wanted to get out of tantra.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      So sharing how I achieved what I wanted through Tantra? Thank you for the inspiration…

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