Warrior Goddess


It was the moment when I felt my breath being squeezed from my body. It was then that i gave up. I gave in. He had defeated me. My spirit was broken. My soul ripped from my body. I was nothing but a shell of a woman. I had become a victim. Spirit broken, soul shattered into a million little pieces.

Over time, I began to reclaim my inner strength. To heal the wounds of an abused woman. I hugged my inner child and told her that I would keep her safe. She looked to me, her eyes filled with fear. She did not see a protector, she saw only the victim I had become.

It was then that I knew what I must do. I searched through the shattered pieces of my soul. That is where I found her. My inner warrior Goddess…and she was pissed! She was ashamed of who I had become and what I had let happen to me. I looked her in the eyes as she walked into me. We became one. We are one.


An image says a thousand words…Warrior Goddess

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  1. What I want to say, should be said privately.
    But if I may offer one suggestion, though the artful achievement here is undoubtedly spectacular, the “Warrior” idea seems to have been undermined by the “victim” spirit in this image. Warrior features should include a chin-up posture, a weapon of any kind, and a sort of careless, self-pleased arrogance shown through a confident smirk, among other features.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I hear you…The intensity in my eyes is intended to be the moment that I was seeking the warrior within.

      1. Outstanding… then there should at least be a photographic continuation. An evolutionary progression of transformation stages so to speak. I would add a number of minute touches & details. A significant one would be the capturing of a climbing moment, warriors are instinctively & strategically driven to rise. To control higher grounds, to gain advantage of clear view of surrounding terrain for protection & superiority. Protective bracelets on the wrists also say prepared & enabled, so do ribbons tied around upper arms for control over blood-flow in case of wounds. Adding a bandanna around the forehead to keep the sweat & hair out of line of sight is also a tactful accessory. A couple of drawn lines across the cheeks for camouflage effect. I could go on, but you see the picture in your minds eye. I hope it provides good inspiration for your next manifestation.

      2. Tantrachick says:

        Wow! Sounds like I have my work cut out for me. This photo was inspired by an ignorant comment about rape that enraged me and created a desire within to express on a visual level the potential effects of both rape and sexual abuse…yes, a warrior goddess photo shoot is a must, I agree! Thank you for your contribution and for the inspiration! From my heart to yours, Joy

      3. Seems like glory in the making. You know, liberation of entire nations was inspired throughout history by abuse. This is how greatness is conceived & born. It begins with pain, matures into rage, then cries out in victory. ¡ Hasta la Victoria Siempre, Señora! I’ll be anticipating that Warrior Shoot. Make sure you update me on it.

        My regards,
        Jocktanian Wolf

      4. Tantrachick says:

        Liberation and glory! Sounds awesome!

      5. It always is. Just try to magnify the evolutionary aspect of it in a sequence of photos. You’ve already got the first one. Add a change in each following image in a way that demonstrates the gradual change, growth & above described transformation. I imagine that would add an explosive narration in your overall portfolio.

      6. Tantrachick says:

        Simply incredible! Thank you for your continued support with this on-going project!

      7. So are you, for breathing life into an exotically fulfilling dimension of our short challenging existence. And it’s an honor to lend what little contribution I could.
        Keep me updated on your magnificent project 🙂

        Jocktanian Wolf

      8. Tantrachick says:

        Awe, thank you! Well, my daughter is an artist. She is the one who helped me with the first project…She is looking for some extra credit for her art class, so maybe she’ll take an interest in this project. I am thinking of looking up some archetypes to shape my transformation after. In community, Joy

      9. Warrior with a plan 😛 You can always look at the arts of Luis Royo, Boris Valljo, and Julie Bell. They have a wide variety of masterpieces many of which capture the battling warrior spirit (both female & male). Might give you exceptionally inspired ideas. There’s also the great Paolo Serpieri, who has a different stroke & direction, but being my favorite, I would feel like a traitor listing all those artists without giving his name an honorable mention.

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