Deborah de Robertis: performance artist or nude exhibitionist?


Well, whether or not is was for her, or for the viewers, I think it was brave! You go gal!

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  1. Shakti Mind says:

    I do know that as part of our continued Spiritual Evolution, the Rise and continued Spiritual Development of Women as Priestesses, as the Spiritual Leaders of our New Earth, and as Leaders in all aspects of a Global Society, and the Rise of the Goddess as the Center and Focus of our Spirituality and our Worship, the public acceptance of nudity and especially of Woman’s body as natural, normal and Sacred, is of utmost importance~ any act or action that increases the public acceptance of nudity and dissolves religious and patriarchal divisions and differences that restrict women is an act of liberation of Woman’s body and should be celebrated~ I do know that we are realizing an Earth, a Global Society, and a Global Spirituality (as we shift from religious divisions to realizing a Global Spirituality of many traditions united as One) in which the nude body is celebrated, is natural, and is Worshiped~ in which Images of the Goddess are Worshiped in Her Temples, nude and clothed~ and in which Priestesses embody and Channel the Goddess in Her Temple Rituals, robed and Skyclad, leading all in Her Worship, Skyclad without any divisions or differences that come with clothing~ in such an Earth, sexuality is normal and healthy, celebrated and Worshiped~ and from the beginning of our lives we are taught that there is nothing inherently sexual in nudity and we learn to Worship sexuality, and as we shift to Women’s Leadership, sex is no longer controlled by men or used against Woman, sex becomes innocent and Sacred, returning to our Temples as a Sacred Rite, both in Sacred Sex and in Worship of Sex as in the Great Rite~ Blessings and Light~

    OM Shakti OM~ may the Goddess Bless you and Empower you~

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Wow, such a beautifully expressed sentiment. Thank you so much for sharing your valuable opinion. From my heart to yours, Joy

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