The Art of Self Pleasure…


Most North Americans find themselves rushing through their day, simply going through the motions, and in general, we have a tendency to disconnected from our sensuality. Relationships, intimacy, and sex are at the core of my life’s passion and purpose, yet I occasionally find myself in this rushed state. When I check in with myself and feel disconnected, I take the time to reconnect with my inner sensuality…

There are many ways that I enjoy self pleasuring, but one of my favorites is while taking a sensuous shower. Each step on my path to orgasmic bliss is taken with intention. Lighting a candle, shutting off the light, focusing on the glow of the flame, bending down to turn on the flow of hot water…When I first step into the shower, I imagine that the water is washing away any stress or tension held in my body.

I allow the water to flow down over my body, easing me into a more relaxed and centered state of mind. I try to let go of thoughts and just feel my body, the heat of the water and the rhythm of my heartbeat. i take the time to massage my breasts, not only for pleasure, but also for the related health benefits. 

I then let the world to simply disappear as I step into my body and feel the pleasurable sensations awaiting me. I feel my breath deepen, my muscles tense and release as I give in to the sensations and the experience. When I emerge from the shower, I feel the droplets of water on my skin, the tingle in my body, and a sense of calm in my mind. I am free. Try it sometime, it is good for the soul! From my heart to yours, Joy

Photocredit: Imgur
Photocredit: Imgur

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  1. bob says:

    i agree 1000% thank you joy..

  2. david says:

    I love the photo

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