Lawless Laws – Bandar Al-Qahtani, A.K.A. Jocktanian Wolf


I fucking love this…Not even sure what it is about it I love, but as I said in my comment, these words makes me horny, and pissed at the world, while also lulling me into passion. I had to share! From my heart to yours, Joy

مساحة ♪ Jocktanian ♫

Lawless Laws

Written By: Bandar Al-Qahtani

A.K.A. Jocktanian Wolf

Sleeping on with my thoughts, waking up from their dreams…

Spanking hard everything that is not what it seems.

Sucking sweet wet nipples of dreadful hopes…

Leaping off without faith from their mortal slopes.

Reassembling my heart with a careless glue.

Redrawing my soul with a dark tattoo.

Getting drunk from the flawed logic lies they say…

Getting lost off their ways to my own high way.

Getting high on the minds of the low & the sane…

Getting a hell of a blow-job from life’s pain.

Fornicating with the limits of the world in the ass…

Laying waste to façades fools die to amass.

Proving wrong all the lawless laws of man…

Doing all that they don’t ‘cause they can’t & I can.


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  1. Mark Nye says:

    It sound to me like an erotic sexual dream….
    ..almost like some of mine
    you wake up aroused stumulated and masterbate going back into the dream where you were sucking and licking doing things that you would never think of doing with someone. .but in the dream we can fantasize and do what ever we please..eroticism. ..explore the world of sexuality..not with just one but with several…… … this is just my interpretation. ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I love your comment Mark! Thank you so much for sharing, I couldn’t agree more! From my heart to yours, Joy


  2. Dearest Tantrajoy, you have no idea what value your comment gives. The poem is just me being sarcastically rebellious & outrageous in my own style, challenging what I oppose & teasing what teases me. In a word, it’s my way of saying to the world “fuck you, but I still love you… I refuse to be subdued by you, but I’ll still take care of you”. 😉

    You’re enjoying it this much is in itself a great reward for the intellectual raging storms that gave birth to it all.

    Heart II Heart
    Jocktanian Wolf


  3. Tantrachick says:

    It is good and I love it. ❤


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