Heart Break and Tantric Healing


Hey folks, I think I lost my head for awhile. I had pulled away from my practice and my blog, but recently I have found myself feeling less passionate about life. Then, in a random moment, I ended up in a conversation with a heart broken man who was eating at the same restaurant I was. He and his father were sharing a meal and ended up sharing their life stories with me. I mentioned the work I do and the father said “Please help my son, he has had his heart stomped on and cannot move forward.”

It turns out that his wife of over two decades cheated on him and then, when he forgave him, she still left him for her lover! His pain was massive…overwhelming, and debilitating. So, I did my thing…right there in the restaurant. I simply did a bit of talk therapy, then placed my hand on his heart and asked him to breathe colored light into his body. He chose the color blue, so together we breathed blue light into his body.

I then had him go back to a time in his life before he felt heartache. He went into his childhood…i reminded him that, if he was this heart broken, he must have had some wonderful times and years with his wife. This eased his pain a little. The bottom line was that he felt like he wasted his life with his wife. I reminded him that the relationship ending in heartache did not cancel out the years they were happy together.

When one door closes, another opens, but you must be paying attention, or you will miss the opportunity. Long story short, he asked if I would continue working with him. The same day, a local commercial landlord offered me my fist studio rent free…seemed like a sign to me. So I am here, open, and ready to continue walking down the path of intimacy coach. For this particular man, I imagine that the next step will be for him to heal on a deeper level, let go of his wife, forgive her and himself for any ways he may have contributed.

Then, he will likely want to focus on reclaiming and reviving his sexuality. Sexuality is my forte, so he will be in good hands. I have begun focusing again on Skype sessions, as my location has a somewhat limited client base. I have decided to let go of what society feels my work should be and once again dedicate myself to my practice! That’s all she wrote. From my heart to yours, Joy


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