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This week has been so deliciously full! I got approved for my green card, secured my new studio space, and overall I had a wonderfully sensuous week. I cannot believe how much lighter my spirit feels now that I am officially a US permanent resident. It feels as if a heavy weight has been lifted from my soul. It is no wonder I have not been able to provide guidance and transformation for others, I needed to take time to get my own life in order.

I feel like a radiant beam of sun is penetrating my mind, body, and spirit…my heart feels full and excitement is rippling through me! I look forward to painting, decorating, and bringing positive energy into my healing art studio. I have never before shared photos of my studio, but I promise I will share them with you once it is set up! I look forward to sharing my journey with you…


From my heart to yours,

Joy Nelson


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  1. Things are getting better and will continue so. A hug !!!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Yes they are, thank you!

  2. Adrian says:

    Hi joy I just want to say i enjoy the journey you have been through this last year. I hope one day you visit Brisbane Australia so I can meet you and have a session with you. Take care and God bless,


    1. Tantrachick says:

      Hi Adrian,

      Thank you for your warm sentiment! Who know,s maybe Australia will one day be on my map!

      From my heart to yours,


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