I Would Kill for Sex!


This morning one of my friends posted a Facebook video of a game show where the question contestants had to answer was: “What would a married man do for sex?”. The women couldn’t seem to get any of the “answers” correct, but the men seemed to have insights to share. Apparently, according to this brilliant, all knowing game show, men would Steal for sex, Lie for sex, Cry for sex, Beg for sex, and yes, apparently men would even kill for sex!

Now don’t get me wrong, I fully understand that my libido and my overall fascination with sex, sexuality, and sensual living far exceeds the average woman’s, but c’mon, killing for sex? How about cleaning, cooking, and romancing for sex? I tell you what, in my humble opinion, one of the hottest things a man can do is cook a meal. When my lover takes over, enters the kitchen and begins cooking me a meal, I am like putty in his hands!

After watching this little piece of insight into the sex lives of the masses and working with hundreds of men, women, and couples…I can;t help becoming increasingly aware of the issue that faces our society. With the recent elections here in the US, there has been so much talk about politics and their influence over the health of our society. While I fully agree that having a functional government (which we do not) would potentially contribute to the health and wellness of our society, I believe the issue is more primal.

I believe that we are a sex obsessed, yet sex deprived society and until we find balance in this area, our society will continue to be unhealthy. There are so many important topics that come up during elections and of course the topics are vitally important. However, experiencing PLEASURE is also vital to human health and well being. People who dedicate their lives to an artistic, or spiritual path may find ways to transmute their sexual energy into their study and work. The average person, however, does not have something that they are so passionate about.

So what does the average person who is sexually frustrated do with the intensity of their sexual desire? In my humble opinion, they do nothing with it. They may further frustrate themselves by engaging in sexting, or watching porn, but if their core desire is sexual connection, intimacy, and pleasure, engaging in these disconnected forms of sexual interaction will not fulfill their need. In fact, when a sexually frustrated individual engages in online or tech driven sexually related behavior, it simply amplifies the problem.

If you look on the internet, you can find thousands of colleges, universities, and trade schools offering a plethora of educational pursuits. Of course, pursuing higher education will enrich your life, but if, at the end of the day, all you really want is a deeply satisfying fuck and a mind blowing orgasm, well, you get the picture. What we need to do is focus on our emotional and sexual health and we will become a healthier society as a whole. We may still face economic challenges, the threat of war, and global poverty, but at least we will face each day from an emotionally, and sexually healthy space of mind.

I am not saying we can reach global peace, financial stability, and end world hunger by improving our sex lives, but it couldn’t hurt, right? Well, my cup of coffee awaits…that’s all she wrote. From my heart to yours, Joy

Photo Courtesy of: http://mudwerks.tumblr.com/
Photo Courtesy of: http://mudwerks.tumblr.com/

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    Men are very crazy and eager for sex.

  2. Tantrachick says:

    Women are too! <3

  3. obriend1936 says:

    Dear Tantrachick, You are so right! Thanks, Dan

    Daniel W. O’Brien 504 Green Tree Road Kohler, WI 53044 phone: 847.846.7301 cell e-mail: danryanob@aol.com

    1. Tantrachick says:

      😉 Thanks for participating Dan! I love communication… from my heat to yours, Joy!

  4. Ray H says:

    Sounds like lowbrow entertainment. Don’t pay it too much mind. Come on, ‘men would kill for sex’, just repeating lame gender roles and not getting to the interesting root of sexuality at all.

    Indeed, western culture is both sex-obsessed AND sex-deprived and it is resulting in some odd anxieties out there.

    Anyway, I for one like cooking for girls and it does make for a great date! 😉

  5. Tantrachick says:

    It is definitely “lowbrow entertainment”, but it also illuminates a deeper issue in our society because there is an element of truth in the humor. One of the answers I forgot was “PAY for sex!” It is likely one of the most important answers.

    Men, women and couples pay for sex, arousal, and sexually related entertainment. The sex industry truly speaks for itself. The old adage, “sex sells” comes to mind. Ray, you and I agree that Western culture is “both sex-obsessed AND sex-deprived”…and I also agree that there are a variety of related behaviors and anxieties as a result.

    So what do you see as at least part of the solution? Just curious…and I am glad you enJOY cooking for the ladies..it definitely does make for a more enJOYable evening 😉

    In Community,


  6. Liam O'Sullivan says:

    If killing is a motivating driver. There is some deep psychological issue going on there.
    We see horror stories of rape, torture and inseastouious persons killing during these episodically deranged sprees.
    On a personal level I think if one is in connection with oneself, ones own sexual needs and can feel complete and fulfilled pleasure with oneself. There in my mind is perfect harmony. Since I believe once I can satisfy the passion within singularity. I am better at sharing selflessly the joy and passion with others.

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