Intimate Conversations with my Body


I don’t know about you, but I love my body! In fact, I am in love with my body!

My family history:

My great Grandfather “Grandpa Hunter” lived to be 101 years old. I will never forget being at his hundredth birthday celebration. He was smiling, lively, and sharp as a tack. During the last year of his life, I am told that his mind began to fade, as did his body and then he passed on. Turns out his sister, my great-aunt, lived to be 102 years old. These are people from my mom’s side of the family. On my biological father’s side of the family, the men and women seem to live well into their nineties.

As I grew up, I began realizing how long one hundred years on earth would be. I also realized that, if I did not keep my body, mind, and spirit healthy, that living a long life would be a dreadful existence. I began researching alternative, conventional, and complementary health practices. As you all know, I also studied topics related to Tantra, Sacred Sexuality, and a variety of alternative healing modalities.

In the beginning, I had no intention of becoming a healer, intimacy coach, sexpert, or any other professional title. I simply wanted to love the life I lived and live the life I loved. Over time, as I began sharing my knowledge, skills, and teachings with others, I found that my health and wellness continued to improve.

Over the past few years however, I have been on a different journey. I have been writing, learning, reading, researching, and focusing on raising my family. I have still been working with clients, but it has not been my focus. In the past few months I have been taking on more clients and I recently opened a studio here in the Midwest.

The other day, I walked into my space to prepare for a Hypnotherapy client who wanted help relaxing and improving his golf game. As I entered my studio, a wave of calm washed over me. I began ceremonially lighting candles, clicked play on my relaxation cd, and began turning my vision inwards. I let the external world simply melt away as I sat in contemplation sipping my herbal tea.

I could feel a sense of calm, wellness, and serenity rippling through the very fiber of my being! I felt at home in my body, my mind was at ease, and my spirit was calm, yet vibrant. It was one of those aha moments that I have personally had time and time again. I felt it today again when I was doing some “ecstatic swimming” at my local YMCA pool, then again tonight while eating by candlelight with my kids.

My lover has been away from home completing some schooling for the past 4 weeks, so although I have not been able to have sex, I have been making my self pleasure practice a priority. I feel this same “joy” in my body during self pleasuring. That is why I approach both my personal life and professional life from a more holistic or whole person approach.

To be at home in your body and to fully own your sexuality requires emotional, physical, spiritual, and sexual health. to achieve all of these takes a commitment to continually feeding you mind, body, spirit, and heart. My commitment has always been focused on living a sensual engaging and passionate life…but there is always room for improvement.

This month I have been exercising more, focusing on eating whole foods, painting pictures, creating, writing, and overall focusing on living ecstatically! This morning I sat in quiet meditation focusing on the messages from my body. What I learned is that my body longs to reconnect with my lover…I can also feel the beat of music moving within and look forward to leading ecstatic dance classes in the coming new year!

I would love to hear how you feel about your body, and what techniques you use to live ecstatically. If you are not fully on this path yet, let me know your aspirations for the new year. I am not talking about new years resolutions, just things you want to incorporate into your life to increase your joy! Please share. Tell me what your body wants!

From my heart to yours,chakra-beauty


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  1. I produced ecstasy my daily meditation to harmonize the chakras.
    I try to do everything to be fine.
    Not all days are good, but I feel very good, very comfortable with myself in general.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Feeling ecstasy during your daily meditation is a wonderful way to harmonize your Chakras, I fully agree! I am so glad to hear that you are comfortable with yourself and your body! Thank you for sharing…from my heart to yours, Joy


    Wonderful and very informative and bold explanations by you.

  3. Tantrachick says:

    Thank you for joining in on the conversation!

  4. davinavaga says:

    I always read your blogs, not that I am into meditation or things like that. Until now I am happy to do it my way. I am very comfortable with myself and my body, for me to get into an ultimate and deep state of joy is to relax and expose myself to someone dear or to my mirror, I focus on my own pleasure and the pleasure I am able to give my dearest by exhibiting my intimate pleasure.

    It is difficult to describe, but for me this is much more than just masturbating, for me it feels like I am sharing my private pleasure, either with someone dear or with an imaginary person in the mirror and let them (or myself) be a part of that pleasure.

    Does that make sense?

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Beautiful description and it makes perfect sense to me! I hope you are having a beautiful day/Christmas and sincerely appreciate your participation. I love the idea of creating a sacred online community for people to share and discuss the intimate arts of pleasure, sensuality, and love! From my heart to yours, Joy

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