What Are You Grateful For?


This morning came a little too soon. I slept well, but was not quite ready to wake up when my alarm went off. Then I remember what day it was and what I was about to do. I showered, dressed, and got myself ready to go get my daughter. Being the artist that she is, she was still in her pjs, totally convinced that she had another hour before we needed to leave.

She managed to get ready in record time and we zipped off into the city for our meeting. We brought with us 12 pieces of Eden’s art work to show to the gallery owner. He had his secretary brush us off, telling us he was too busy and that we should come back on Friday.

Luckily I knew what he looked like, so when I saw him rushing off, I managed to get his attention for a total of 120 seconds. The good news? He loved my daughter’s paintings and today we hung them in her fist gallery showing! I don’t often speak about my kids on this blog, but they are my life and my soul.

I have home schooled my kids with an alternative approach to parenting and schooling. I am an avid believer in Mastery learning, hack-schooling, and un-schooling. Our 18-year-old daughter Eden is an artist, our 16-year-old son is a professional longboarder and is developing his career as an extreme sports videographer and journalist. Our 14-year-old is a potter and a seed farmer….and our 10-year-old may follow in the shoes of her artistic older sis.

As for my step children, two of them are struggling to find their way, but my 23-year-old stepson who lives with us seems to be finding his groove. Just before Christmas, he asked me if I would do an adult adoption and become his legal mother. It is such an honour and makes me feel sad that his birth mom doesn’t step up.

After we hung my daughter’s paintings in the gallery, I came home to clean the house and cooked a turkey dinner with all the fixin’s for 10! Everything went off without a hitch and Christmas Eve was/is a success. My lover is under the weather, so he spent most of the day in bed and is already asleep.

This means that we broke our tradition of sipping eggnog and spiced rum while wrapping presents on Christmas Eve, but there’s always next year. Seems that this year has been about independence for me. Mountain has been pre-occupied with work, school, and our family.

However, unlike some couples, we are still strong, loving, and deeply committed. I embrace the opportunity to support him on his journey. I also appreciate his willingness to support me on mine. It is an interesting adventure, this thing we call life.

This morning, we found out that a very close friend was dealt a very hard blow. His cousin (a mother in her mid thirties) was found dead in bed by her two young children. When I was told about her passing, my heart ached for her, for her children, husband, family, and for her poor mother.

After spending some time in meditation, I said a prayer for her and her family and decided to transmute my sadness for their loss into truly embracing my day and my life. I have so many reasons to be grateful this year…one being that I am alive on this truly beautiful day.

I know that Christmas time is sometimes hard. People stress about money, lack, want, and often times feel lonely. At the same time, many of us are able to rejoice and find the deeper meaning in this thing we call life. Wherever you are on your path, I applaud you. It takes courage to be alive. It takes strength to face each day. It takes a kind heart to continue to feel compassion regardless of the struggles you face.

I am here with my heart wide open. I am here to tell  you that you are worthy. You are worthy of love, respect, joy, peace, compassion, and unconditional acceptance. I am here to tell you that you are alive, so start living! When I finish writing this blog post, I will wrap a few more presents while basking in the gentle glow of my Christmas tree and the candles scattered around my home.

And when I do, I will meditate on your health, wellness, and happiness. I will say a prayer for you all and send you my love! From my heart to yours, Joy


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