Orgasmic Transformation At Your Fingertips


With my emotional self concerned for her future, and truly needing balance, my answer is orgasms! I am heading out the door to treat myself to a taco and a margarita, but wanted to share with each of you my process for transformation and self guidance. It begins something like this…I sit in my room at a time I know I will not be disturbed. I light a candle and turn the lights off, immediately feeling myself dropping into my body.

I do not try to focus on turning my thoughts off, instead, I simply focus on the dancing light patterns and the sound of my breath. I feel my breath in my body and notice the subtle shifts in my body as I exhale. There is power in exhaling. Especially if you train your subconscious mind to know that exhaling is one path to letting go. As I teach my students, I try to align my spine and pay attention to each and every muscle in my body.

As my energy shifts to arousal, I pay careful attention to my emotional state. I ask myself “How do I feel?” I don’t answer in words or thoughts, it is more of a fully body answer. If I am not at ease, there is likely tension in my shoulders. If I am calm, my breath sounds slightly more relaxed and even. I may see a colour, or think of an emotion. Today, I feel “confused”. I know my path…but there is some resistance building in me based on my circumstances.

Now that I have acknowledged my state of mind, I must decide what I want to feel. I want to replace confused with something more stable, more balanced. Balance comes to mind, but that is such an abstract concept. I keep searching in my mind for the answer. I see the color blue…merging with shades of violet, and a deep reddish orange like a sunset, or the center of a flame.

I sit with this for a moment. Safe…I want to feel safe. Understood, I want to be understood. Cherished. I want others to cherish my work as I do. Steadfast. That is it. No, wait…unwavering. Yes. Unwavering. Back to balanced. Grounded. There is so much here to learn from. I make a mental note to journal later. Then I simply give in.

I find arousal in the act of self exploration. Through understanding my emotions and my overall  mental state, I feel grounded. I feel balanced. For me, when I am grounded, balanced, unwavering in my convictions…I feel deeply aroused. It is there for the taking. My arousal, that is. It is open to me at all times.

It is as if I have an out of body if some unknown Goddess is exploring my body. There is so much power in this. In me. I feel the pulse of life within. The excitement expands in my body and very quickly, I allow myself to dive in. My pleasure is like a volcano overflowing. There is breath, heat, power, and a surge of energy.

I am whole. I am balanced. I am unwavering. I am JOY! From my heart to yours…may you be free!


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  1. I dare not imagine you experiencing that -the thought just drives me crazy with desire 🙂

    1. Tantrachick says:

      I see you teach guitar…yes, that’s the only response I can come up with LOL

  2. planbe2013 says:

    Well said. I will share.

  3. horns1313 says:

    Time to be open honesty and completely nude for meditations your the inspiration teacher 🏫 everything we all need both women men and sexual orientation from alone and nude simple masturbation to as you put so fearless and pure empowering discovery expression and personal growth both kinds don’t have a candle but sitting here relaxed necked for enlightenment opening up shameless self confident and fixing to try for another out of body experience can’t wait any longer you rule praying for your health improvement from my heart and mind body and soul in perpetual nude adoration

    1. Joy says:

      Fearless and pure!

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