Photo Shoot Today…

I haven’t worked with a photographer in quite some time. I had one local photographer that I was planning on working with, but it just didn’t come together. A few other male photographers have contacted me here in Iowa, but their work didn’t resonate with me. This photographer has read my blog, which always makes me a little more on edge.

However, he agreed to come to my studio, so I don’t even have to drive or go anywhere. We shall see. The shoot is at 2pm EST. If you happen to think of it, please send positive vibes! I am thinking that for our first shoot, maybe just a couple head shots and a few lifestyle photos…feeling like I will keep my clothes on for this one.

The only fully nude shot I ever did was for a painting (oh and my anti-rape campaign shot)…It was a fun experience, but I don’t seem to have the desire to have a photographic representation of my fully naked body out in the world. At the same time, there are some stunning vintage nudes that I simply love…we shall see.

Photos to come…From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. Joy, Why not go for it? The whole world is waiting to see you! Dan

  2. Tantrachick says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Dan. Mountain and I just had a chuckle over your comment.

  3. Tantrachick says:

    Mountain said “There are naked pictures of you. I said “Yeah, but only you have seen them.” He responded “Good!” LOL

  4. Kevin says:

    If you have the chemistry with the photographer, take the shots. Who said you have to publish for the world to see. I’m sure Mountain wouldn’t mind more pictures.

    Although Dan may be right 🙂

  5. Charles Harper III says:

    Have a great photo session today.

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Thank you Charles!

  6. How about it Mountain? Let us have a peek at your gorgeous wife. Share your Joy!

  7. Tantrachick says:

    Cute Dan, Mountain will appreciate your sentiment. He has an excellent sense of humour and is 100% confident in his role as my lover and husband…not sure if you saw the La Figa photo shoot…if you think he wanted me to have food painted on my body by Tiberios Simone and then post those photos on my blog…well, not so much. Luckily, he supports me in my expression of me, which is a tad unconventional. Heading out the door to my shoot…

  8. I’m so happy for you! I hope that the images turn out as stunning as you are!

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Awe, thank you!

  9. Tantrachick says:

    Thank you…I managed to drop my guard somewhat..the photographer was fabulous…I am hoping he will work with me again…I am positive that I can completely drop my guard next time.

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