Good Morning: Coffee With Joy


I had a slightly disturbed sleep. Strange dreams and my 10-year-old had a nightmare, so slept mushed up against me all night. I choose to appreciate this time I still have with her where she truly needs me, but that doesn’t mean I sleep well as a Mountain and Ary sandwich. I managed to sleep almost until 9 this morning. I awoke to the morning sun beaming into my bedroom.

The sun has been delicious the past few days. During the photo shoot yesterday, I wanted to capture a relaxed picture of me with my tea to post sometimes when I am writing while drinking my coffee (like now). I actually love this photo. If you ever manage to irritate me or piss me off, this is the look you will get.

I wasn’t irritated with Sam, I was kind of pissed off at myself. I was finding it hard to let go and feel the freedom I wanted to. I am like this during every photo shoot…for the first hour or so. It takes me that long to try and forget the camera. I think it might be due to the fact that my adopted dad took literally thousands of pictures of me during my childhood.

A large gallery of my pictures was sold many years ago. I have always wondered why no one asked me if I wanted a gallery of my childhood photos sold to a complete stranger. I have many times pictured walking into someone’s home and seeing my photos scattered across their wall…

Anyways, I was a bit pissed at myself in this one. This is Mountain’s favourite look. He does little things to intentionally irk me just to see this look…he’s quite the rascal sometimes. EnJOY your morning!

From my heart to yours,



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