Pure Potentiality is Your Intrinsic Nature!


Last night my son stole my laptop to record his quite impressive rap song. The younger kids were already cozied up in bed, our oldest boy had also gone to bed because he had to work, as did Mountain. It was just Sid and I sitting on the couch while he was recording his rap song “Thoughts” over and over again…trying to get the desired tone, inflection. and attitude. I have a stack of books that I am reading, but had left them beside my bed. Didn’t want to disturb Mountain, so I went to our bookshelf to find something to occupy my mind.

I picked up Deepak Chopra’s book “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”. I have read some of Deepak’s writings and am overall impressed by his ability to express some incredibly spiritual ideas in a professional yet approachable voice. I have never gotten into his work like some, but I honor the role he plays in our society. For some reason, last night, as I read his words, I found myself fully engaged and intrigued. Specifically, the idea that our intrinsic nature is pure potentiality struck a chord with me.

I attempted to do his meditation as recommended in the book, but of course found myself finding ways to bring my sensual meditation practice together. Words were flowing through my mind with hot, erotic breath. “I am pure potentiality”…my intrinsic nature is pure potentiality”…”My intrinsic nature is orgasmic potential”…”I am a sensuous being, my intrinsic nature is orgasmic potential”. In the movie, the Secret, there is a scene where you see someone thinking thoughts and these waves of energy flow out from their mind into the world.

Each time I experience deep, profound orgasmic energy, I find myself imagining that this beautiful rainbow colored wave of energy is flowing out into the world around me. I take this visualization one step further and at least 50% of the time I experience an orgasm, I set an intention for myself. It may just be to experience optimum health, or it might be something more specific. I suppose it is along the lines of sex magik, but for me it is just a simple focusing of energy. As I dug deeper into my meditation, some of the words Deepak spoke entered my consciousness.

Deepak was speaking of self-referral and object-referral. Basically, on the one hand, our reference point is connected to our own spirit, whereas in object-referral, we seek external reference points, which is ego based. I kept thinking of a particular client I am working with who has based his self-love on a certain standard for his body that he has set based on how the people around him reacted to him when he was youthful and slender. Rather than base his power on an internal check in with his spirit, he has set an external reference point. He will only love himself once he has reached a certain weight on the scale.

Over the years, I have seen this same exact approach to self-love. It is conditional love for oneself based on criteria that comes from external approval. Of course, I do believe that one can strive to feel healthier and more alive in one’s body. In doing so, you set your internal programming to achieve health and wellness based on your need to feel more alive and at home in your body. The end goal is possibly the same, or at least similar, but the approach is much different. Instead of weighing yourself each day and putting stress on your system, you simply begin to gently shift how you feel about yourself.

You begin to deeply love yourself and your body unconditionally. In doing so, you begin to shift negative patterns. In fact, negative patterns naturally fall away because your attitude about yourself and your body has shifted. This path provides you with infinite beauty, spiritual awareness, and self-love on the deepest, most pure level.

If you honor your intrinsic nature of pure potentiality, anything is possible.

With love,



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  1. jeffstroud says:


    Many thoughts came to surface as I read your experience this morning. As I enter a new stage in my life, new adventures that are opening for me. Many of which I hope to re-incorporate the energy of healing, conscious loving, Being present in all areas of my life. So much has been set aside to deal with Mom’s transition from this realm. And my own need to feel secure or at least out of harms way.
    Creativity with my Photography and blogging where and are my sources of purpose, of following my bliss. So many other areas of my life have just not been present. As I read your blog I realize my desire to become “whole” again, to feel and be passionate in all areas of my life.

    I was eating fresh fruit last evening, sweet crunching apple which was very sweet, a tart juicy orange the squirted the tang of it juice as I bit, the graininess of rich parmigiano reggiano chesse saltiness, for a while I allowed the process to be sensually conscious, and then my practical side jumped back in. I was very aware of freshness, the texture and juice. I wanted the intention of the moment to be captured and I suppose it was! Sweet, salty, juiciness and fulfilling !

    I am Love, Jeff

  2. Tantrachick says:

    Such a beautiful experience and so beautifully expressed Jeff! During the LUV Program (Lighten Up Victoria) we focused on body image and self love…we did a sensuous food meditation, which sounds quite similar to your experience. There is actually a science behind it. Profound benefits can be had by simply enjoying your food on a spiritual and visceral level.

    I am so pleased that you are settling into your new space and that you are entering a new phase of life. I look forward to seeing more of your blissful expression through your words, but also through your photos. You always inspire me and I am honored to have you in my life (even if only virtual). I am not sure how long ago it was that we connected, but I think of you and your journey often.

    With love, yes, you are LOVE!


    1. jeffstroud says:

      Thank you Joy! Yes our journey together has been one of thought provoking and sharing the ups and downs of life.

      Part of me feels like I have to catch up another part of me, the intuitive says you can only start from where you are!
      Your blog expressions always resonate with me. I love that you are so authentic in this!
      I am Love, Jeff

      1. Tantrachick says:

        Yes, so much has happened in the past few years for both of us! Much of it we have shared and I am sure there is another level that has been unspoken.

        You can only start from where you are, I agree. Your comments, life and sentiment always resonates with me 🙂

        With love,


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