Oh My Goddess!


Okay, so this is just me sharing. Yesterday a young fellow messaged me on Facebook and asked me if he could put my picture in his “Datecard”. I was like “What’s a date card?” He tells me that it is his personal calendar that he looks at everyday to check his appointments. I’m sitting there with a quizzical look on my face thinking why? Being the blunt communicator I am, I respond by saying “Why”. He goes on to ramble on about my beauty, the serenity available to him by looking at my face.

While I am communicating with him about this odd request, another fellow begins a similar conversation on Facebook (this is why most times I leave my chat in the OFF position). He tells me that he studies my photos everyday! I am like dude, for real? One of my clients who has a variety of pleasure triggers, one of them being “Goddess Worship” consistently “prays” to my photo 3 times per day. Wowza! I know that Mountain finds me deeply attractive, but he is supposed to, he’s my man.

I am not even sure why I am sharing this, but it  was on my mind this morning, so now I am telling you about it 🙂 I guess I feel a tad confused. I keep wondering what it is about me that draws this kind of attention. I wonder if all women receive this kind of feedback. I wonder where the women in these fellows lives are. I wonder if our society is so disconnected that one must look to the internet for connection. That is what comes to my mind.

Possibly they approach me about their need to feel connected to an empowered woman. Possibly they feel so alone in the world that having a woman who will not reject their need to feel connected provides them with a level of hope. Another thing that is interesting is that some people will think that they know me after simply reading about me on my blog. With this in mind, I will remind each of you that I only share certain aspects of myself here.

If this blog were a part of the fabric of my being, I would say the topics, stories and thoughts I share represent maybe a third of my life, being, and spirit. I was asking myself this morning why I even write these posts. I’m not sure I know the answer. Yesterday someone was asking me about a specific blog post that I had written. I couldn’t for the life of me remember writing it. That is what is funny about this process.

I sit down in a moment and my hands tick tack across the keyboard. I share what is in my mind. I refuse to go back over the post to edit even though every advocate for blogging effectively says you should. If I re-read what I wrote, I would likely never post it. Today, for instance, I am sitting in my living room writing this post. I woke up 45 minutes before Mountain left for work so that we could have coffee together.

As a part of our on going sensuous dance, I intentionally came down for our morning coffee with only a black tank top that barely covers my “lady bits”. Although I was getting the reaction I desired, the heat had been turned down for the night and it was pretty darn cold, so I wrapped a blanket around myself, grabbed us both coffees and sat down on the couch to have coffee. He left about 20 minutes ago.

I thought about going back to bed, reading a book, or searching for a yoga class to attend today. Then I thought of a comment I received yesterday “you haven’t written since Thursday”. I did respond by writing yesterday’s post and those same words inspired me to write this post before moving on with my day. It is possible that this morning my thoughts are jumbled and there is not deeper meaning to my post…I am just sharing my morning thoughts with you.

Enjoy your day. While you are going about your morning routine, or find yourself going through the motions of your day, stop for a split second and take a deep breath…then remember. You are free! So you see yourself so you become. You are pure potentiality! You are bliss! Your spirit is divine! You are worthy of unconditional love, abundance, and deeply profound pleasure.

From my heart to yours,


bambina al mare

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  1. jeffstroud says:

    I hope the men that “follow” you and have your photo to inspire them allow the beam of light that you are shine on their paths in life’s relationship.
    We never truly know what attracts another person to us, why they desire to be in our presence, many never truly express that they do.
    I believe your questioning is a healthy expansion of you are !

    Free flow writing is great for blogs, I would never publish most of mine if I read them as I wrote them. I am usually amazed by the comments and the responses that I do receive. Many times illuminating something I had not seen myself!

    I am Love,

    1. Tantrachick says:

      Awe, that is so sweet Jeff! Thank you, you are such a sweet and inspiring soul! I am there with you on the blog post side of things. I had over 1000 posts and went back and deleted about 500 of them…kind of wish I hadn’t now, but no point looking back, only forward 🙂

      From my heart to yours,


  2. Surinder Sharma says:

    :). <3

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