The Only Constant is Change


The Midwest kicked my ass. That’s the long and the short of it. I have been here almost 2 years and I am only just now beginning to feel “at home” in my house. I have tried to work as a basic employee for others, but that has never been something that brings me joy…and I guess I am a bit selfish that way, but I have rarely do something for more than a short time if it doesn’t make me feel engaged and passionate.

So, I am in the process of recreating myself I guess. I tried to have my practice here, but it was so challenging. I still enjoy my online sessions, but believe it or not, my internet has been so out of whack here over the past 6 months that I can barely maintain a connection long enough to complete a full session! I have had the tech guys out to my home weekly…they have replaced the cable inside, the wires coming to my house, modem, etc. and I am still running at an average of 1 MBPS!

Seems like the universe has spoken to me, or at least putting road blocks in my path…so I have focused my energy in a different direction. I have ben cleansing, doing some light yoga, and trying to find outdoor spaces that lift my spirit. I was painting for awhile, but now I seem to be back on a writing kick again…not sure where it will take me, but I am just here for the ride. Curious to see the destination, but just going to focus on the present moment.

It sounds odd to admit it, but I am in the process of getting my real estate license! My father has been in the business in Canada for over 30 years. His life in realty is a whole different story…but I am making my own path. I don’t like the world’s perception of Realtors, but I figure that, if I can deal with the taboo topics connected with Tantra, sexuality, etc. I can handle a bit of misconceptions about the world of real estate.

Believe it or not, I am actually really excited. With my gypsy vibe, I am thinking of focusing on becoming a relocation specialist and I also want to focus on finding creative options so that people who are not ready for conventional financing are able to get into the market. In my housing market you can save substantially by owning your own home. I want to make that happen for people.

There have been a tonne of little changes and goins on, but I would say this is the biggest. My quaint little sanctuary is evolving into a place of business…who would have guessed? Not me 😉 If you have experienced a shift in your life, or have any words of wisdom, I am here!

With love,



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  1. That good news Joy !!! I recommend Walnut, Bach flower essences, particularly for changes and free to feel any discomfort due to environmental influences.
    Sabazius Alexis says: “When a road has a heart, then that person requires all he is.

    1. Joy says:

      Thanks Horacio!

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