Untamable Divine Feminine


I believe it was 2011 when I began writing my first book, the Guy’s Guide to Multiple Orgasms. I can’t remember if I previously wrote to you about how that book was born or not. Unfortunately it is not a magical story filled with intriguing ideas and a desperate need to share what I learned. The main reason I wrote it was because a friend told me that I should market the lessons I had learned. I fully embrace the teachings I shared in that book and the benefits many of the men and even women who have read the book have experienced…but after an experience I recently had, I realize that it is time to dig deeper.

While visiting Salt Spring, I became reacquainted with Sam Graci…the founder of a health company focusing on the connection between mind, body, and spirit. I first met Sam years ago when I was working as the manager of Salt Spring Coffee’s “flagship cafe” on Salt Spring Island. At that time, we briefly chatted about my practice, my writing, and about my beliefs. He seemed like an authentic man with a wealth of knowledge to share. He gave me a signed copy of his book, which I found both interesting and informative.

While meandering through the aisles of Mouat’s Trading Co, a couple of weeks ago, I ran into Sam again. Honestly, considering that he travels the world researching, teaching, and providing workshops, I didn’t think he would remember me. I was wrong. Sam immediately stopped in his tracks and asked me what I had been up to since we last met. After a brief conversation, he invited me to his beach home for dinner so that we could discuss my path and how it might intermingle with his.

To understand the gravity of this moment and how deeply it affected me, you would have to know that I went to Salt Spring to visit my sister and family, but I had a deeper, more personal purpose as well. I planned on meditating daily, spending silent time in nature, and hoped to more fully connect with where I am at in life, and to figure out what is next for me. I called Mountain and asked him if he felt comfortable with me driving a half hour through winding roads to meet a strange man who appeared to be truly intrigued by my professional path.

Being the confident, trusting, and loving husband that he is, he fully supported me in meeting with Sam. I borrowed my sister’s truck, which had no driver’s side window. I suppose this detail doesn’t really matter, but it will better explain why I arrived at Sam’s with wild hair and flushed cheeks. As I pulled up to his home, my breath was taken away by what my eyes took in. The beauty and serenity Sam has created for himself is truly something to behold. I stepped out of the truck and slowly made my way to the entrance of his home.

As I approached the front step of his majestic, yet quaint home, I glanced in the window just before I knocked. Being early isn’t always a blessing. Unfortunately my eyes did not register what I was seeing before my hand reached out and knocked loudly on the hand crafted wood door I was standing in front of. Sam was clearly not ready to receive me. In a startled voice, he yelled out “Joy?” then shuffled around, and said “You’re early!” I felt horrible. I almost got back in the truck and drove away, but Sam composed himself and after composing himself, he graciously answered the door.

Once I entered his home, I was blown away by the intricate art, tasteful design, and unique atmosphere Sam had created in his house. He asked me to make myself at home so that he could finished getting ready while explaining that he had just flown in from…hmmm… I think he said Shanghai, but I can’t remember for sure. While he was getting ready, I checked out the stack of books piled neatly on his kitchen counter.

I was familiar with the books, which included one of Bruce Lipton’s newest book. I instantly felt reassured that what I knew about Sam Graci matched what I was experiencing in his home. I thought to myself…this guy is the real McCoy! When he emerged again, seeming much more relaxed and ready to step into host mode, I felt my body relax ever so slightly. He began explaining the supper he was preparing. He mentioned that the organic chicken was pre-cooked, but he had prepared an exquisite meal with a variety of beverages to compliment each course.

I found myself looking at the huge spread of food and immediately felt overwhelmed. If you know me well, you understand that I am not a big eater. I enjoy tiny bites of food throughout the day with a small evening meal…Sam had prepared a feast…and I was already feeling a tad unsettled because I was out of my element. I helped him finish the prep work and we moved out meal to his ocean front porch. I am a talkative person by nature, but found myself settling into quiet contemplation.

I asked Sam a few probing questions that had been on my mind since I first read his book…I could see that he found me equally unsettling. Sam had already asked me about my ecstatic dance practice. He played a song and said “I am fascinated by dance and wanting to learn, how would you move your body to this beat?” I responded by saying” “When and how I felt moved to.” He replied “You are obstinate aren’t you? It’s refreshing.” I wasn’t sure I fully understand what he meant. I assumed that, being a world-renowned health expert, best-selling author and a respected speaker who connects with people like Deepak Chopra and a variety of spiritual leaders, people accommodated him in a way that I clearly was not.

At some point, although I didn’t feel talkative, Sam began asking me his own probing questions. As most of you know, I attempt speak truthfully and with a level of candor that most are not comfortable with. My dinner with Sam Graci was no exception. At one point Sam said I was “captivating”. (FYI: All of this is just the lead up to what was so important about this evening for me.) After a glass of ginger infused Kampuchea mixed with hand-crafted TanquerayI managed to relax into myself. Sam was interested in how I had come to my path as a healer and what I had learned along the way.

My ability to be transparent allowed me to open on a deeper level than I might have otherwise. Sam sat on his porch listening to me as I shared bits and pieces of myself. I had arrived at 6:45pm (15 minutes early as I generally am) and did not leave until 10:30pm, after receiving a concerned call from my daughter. Sam concluded our evening by sharing with me that he thought I should write a book about my life…one that focused on my seemingly untamable divine feminine spirit.

So it is this that I contemplate, but I can’t help wondering if I am too much for this world….

From my heart to yours, Joy

ps: A few days after my meeting with Sam Graci, I had a Salt Spring Island photo shoot…I shared a couple of the photos with you, but I believe this one captures the essence of my divine feminine. EnJOY!


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  1. jeffstroud says:

    I was just thinking about you!! And wondering why I could not find the male side of this work that you do?
    Anyway, your experience sounds like a truly unique one, and truly the Universe wished for you to have this experience!

    I Love the new photos!

    I am Love, Jeff

    1. Joy says:

      You are love dear sweet Jeff! As always, you make my heart sing! With love, Joy

  2. Kevin says:

    This post is exactly why I would buy and read your book. You used elegant story telling to capture my attention, just to make a point.

    My version of this post would have been “I had dinner with someone who encouraged me to write a book. What do you think”.

    And if you are too much for this world? Who cares! Even if you never publish, you will likely feel a creative release. I say go for it!

    I look forward to adding book 2 to my Joy Nelson collection.

    Beautiful picture as well.

    1. Joy says:

      Awe, so sweet Kevin! I know your reassurance through comparing your approach to mine was intended to boost my confidence. You are a doll! From my heart to yours, Joy

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