Erotica and Pen Names

If you have read my blog long enough, you may remember that I write erotica. The erotica I write is not fluffy romance with a bit of sex…it breathis gritty, naughty and according to one of my readers “penetrative”. I was looking through some of my past titles. They even make me blush and I wrote them 😉

I self published a few at some point, but found myself feeling far too exposed. So I am thinking that I may choose a pen name for myself. Maybe even more than one. I already have one chosen…it is the name I used when I was a GoGo Dancer. The draw back is that, if I use a pen name, people who enjoy my writing won’t be able to find/read my books. I am so used to writing transparently, but erotica is deeper, more personal…

Wondering if any of you have advice for me. I realize it is usually me who provides the insight, but I am curious to hear your thoughts on this…From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. Gaia Moon says:

    I encourage you to use your own name for as much as you are comfortable with~! We are realizing a New Earth where our sexuality is open and empowering to us~ where we no longer are ashamed of our bodies, our sexuality, or our desires~ our openness about sex will make this an age where we are able to experience pleasures we never imagined, and channel those sexual energies into our spiritual work and spiritual enlightenment as a Planet~

    I also encourage you to write your most intimate and personal stories under a pen name, however you will find that as you open up, you will desire the use of a pen name less and less, eventually republishing many of those stories with your real name~

    Blessings and Light~

    1. Joy says:

      Wow, I could not have hoped for more empowering or honest feedback! Thank you from the depths of my heart for your compassionate, engaging, and helpful input! Sincerely, Joy

  2. lance says:

    If you choose a pen name you could always let people know what it is on your blog or facebook page.

    1. Joy says:

      I thought about that. I don’t want to post it on the Internet, but anyone who wants to know my pen name can email me: Thanks for the input! Joy

  3. Joy; I think that the difficulty lies not so much what other people think regarding what one says from his own name, but is related to the possibility of inhibition of what one thinks of what he says, since all the talk about the erotic intimacy is referred to an Other, which is located on except that only one parent or woman can take, while not subject to the general rule that forces us to a sexual identity at the time of communicating through language, ie, the spoken word, rather than being referred to another like oneself. How to talk in general when you are communicating with one representing “the exception” to the rule? I think that’s the difficulty that one seeks to use, very healthy, a mask.
    That is, how can we avoid incest is not real but lives in the dimension of the symbol of incest present in every verbal communication on the erotic?
    Also shipping original of what I say because I find myself complicated the sense that I want to express, and I hope you can translate so that you can understand what I say.
    I hope to contribute my opinion on what you say, that more than a response intended as a commentary to expand what you say in my own point of view.
    A hug and thanks for your interesting topics.
    Joy; la dificultad me parece que estriba no tanto en lo que piensan los demás en relación a lo que uno dice desde su propio nombre, sino que está en relación con la posibilidad de inhibición de lo que uno mismo piensa de lo que dice, ya que todo lo dicho sobre una intimidad de lo erótico está referido a un Otro, que se ubica en la excepción que solo un padre o una mujer pueden ocupar, en tanto no sometidos a la regla general que nos obliga a una identidad sexual en el momento de comunicarnos por medio del lenguaje, es decir, de la palabra hablada, en vez de estar referido a un otro semejante a uno mismo. ¿cómo hablar en general cuando uno se está comunicando con aquél que representará “la excepción” a la regla general? Creo que esa es la dificultad por la que uno busca usar, de forma muy saludable, una máscara.
    Es decir, ¿cómo podemos evitar el incesto que no es real pero habita en la dimensión del símbolo del incesto presente en toda comunicación verbal sobre lo erótico?
    Envío también el original de lo que digo porque me resulta a mi mismo complicado el sentido que quiero expresarte, y espero que tu puedas traducir de modo que puedas entender bien lo que digo.
    Espero poder contribuir con mi opinión sobre lo que dices, que mas que una respuesta pretende ser un comentario para ampliar lo que dices según mi propio punto de vista.
    Un abrazo y gracias por tus temas interesantes.

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