The Power of Tantric Massage


Massage has been around for thousands of years. It has evolved as it traveled from country to country. Tantric massage is one form of massage that has a tendency to be deeply misunderstood. In fact, if you talked with a lot of the traditional Tantric practitioners, they would say that Tantric massage is not part of Tantra teachings. I use the phrase “Tantric massage” because I enjoy the idea of bringing the connection, heart focus, and energy exchange that I discovered through Tantra into my massage offerings.

When North Americans hear the phrase “Tantric massage”their minds drift towards a more sexual focus. While this type of massage is an incredible lead up to profound sexual pleasure, it is vitally important that the focus runs deeper. When I first work with someone to either give them a Tantric massage, or teach them the art of Tantric massage, I begin focusing on building connection.

In a relationship, if you do not have trust, you have nothing. The same is true of Tantric massage. The folowing video clip is a short behind the scenes look at a moment I shared with a woman I had just met. My ability to open myself on a deep level to a person I have just met and my willingness to be vulnerable and transparent quickly breaks down barriers…

Once you remove the barriers that block you from deep connection, you begin to build trust, which allows both participants the opportunity to be vulnerable and open. Because of this raw openness, it is very important that the receiver is able to relax and trust in the giver. In the above clip, I am the giver and the woman I was about to massage is the receiver. As the giver, it is my intention to honor and respect the receiver. I offer a space for her to relax and to truly let go. I am the guide, but she leads the journey.

For this to happen, she must trust me and she must feel confidence, compassion, and openness in the movement and placement of my hands. This is not something that you can learn over night; it takes time to develop these skills. I am creating a Tantric massage course that includes video, written instruction, verbal instruction and a support forum where people are free to ask questions.

It is something I have been planning for a few years, but it has taken some deep reflection on my part to decide that I was ready for this to come to fruition. I want to share this path with you as it unfolds! From my heart to yours, Joy

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  1. bob says:

    i have experienced over the last 10 years tantric massage in its many wonderful forms froma couple of amazing women… I am truly honored & blessed.

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