Let Nature Free You

As I sat there reading the emails that came streaming to my inbox in response to my post yesterday about Tantric breath, something came to my mind. Most of the people responding were sitting in their offices or homes rather than exploring nature. Our society is so rushed. So media focused, so disconnected from nature that we suffer from a variety of health ailments that could potentially be alleviated by simply stepping outside and connecting with nature.

One response to my post inspired me. A beautiful spirit who I have worked with for…hmm…I would have to say 3-4 years or so mentioned that he had gone scuba diving and had a divine experience. When he read my post on the power of breath, he felt a connection to his experience scuba diving. I love swimming, kayaking, hiking, exploring, scuba diving…in fact, over the past two years while I have lived in the Midwest, I have missed the raw beauty of the landscape on the West Coast.

Where I live now it is hot and humid outside. As humans, we complain when it’s too cold, when it’s too hot and if the temperature is perfect, we will find something else to focus our unmet needs and complaints on. This is not something I generally give into, but I can admit that during this most recent phase of my life, I have allowed my light to dim ever so slightly. Yesterday however, I was inspired to spend some time outside. I sat in quiet contemplation over looking a beautiful Iowa landscape. During my time connecting with nature, I gained some important insights.

So today I am creating change in my life! I am sitting in my living room sipping a French Roast coffee with vanilla creamer and it is divine. Once I finish my coffee, I am heading to Johnston to look at a studio! Although I have a studio here in this sleepy little town I live in, I think Johnston is a better space for me to breathe life back into my practice. Beyond setting up a studio, I also plan on creating a Dance Temple space so I can once again dance ecstatically with a group of inspired folks.

If it works for you, I encourage you to go outside and explore nature! Taking a little time for yourself is liberating. May your day be bliss! From my heart to yours, Joy

Joy Nelson

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  1. Kevin says:

    Love – both the text and the picture.


    1. Joy says:

      😉 Thanks!

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