Wanting, Needing Waiting…

For you to justify my love. During an exchange with my lover last night, the lyrics to Madonna’s song came to mind. Just like any other professional couple with children, busy lives, and a variety of obligations that consume our time, making time for quality connection is challenging. The entire foundation of our relationship focused on maintaining a healthy sexual connection and we manage to connect frequently. However, I recently went on an independent vacation for a couple of weeks and my lover is consumed with work.

It is at times like this that the quality of our intimate time is vitally important. We also have different night-time routines. He goes to bed by 10 o’clock at the latest, whereas I enjoy staying up until midnight at the earliest. Last night after our good friends left, we shared a glass of Moscato and chatted while he was getting ready for bed. I could feel his needs and so I decided to go to bed with him and not stay up reading like I tend to.

He was already in bed with our salt rock lamp glowing softly, casting a beautiful warmth across our room. I slowly stripped my clothes from my body one article of clothing at a time. When I was nearly undressed, I bent over to take my panties off, giving him full view of my body as I did so. The effect was just as I had hoped. Even after all these years together, I love to tease him into a frenzied state. The rewards are well worth it. We connected deeply and experienced both valleys and peaks of orgasmic bliss.

Take time for you. Take time to connect. Follow your bliss!

From my heart to yours,



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