Heart Connection

The other day I was talking about how rushed and stressed many people in our society are. If I ask a new client to check in with their sexual energy, some people may fully understand what I mean, while others struggle to grasp the concept. This makes sense to me because most people are more familiar with terms such as arousal. The same is often true when I am teaching heart connection.

Photo Credit: Matmantra
Photo Credit: Matmantra

I find it is best to let people experience heart connection rather than me attempting to describe it to them. Words are powerful, but some things in life are more experiential. The featured image in this post is from my Tantric massage photo shoot a few years back. As I previously mentioned, I had never met the blond in the photo with me before the day of the shoot. I believe this photo was about 5  minutes or less into our shoot and the photographer seemed a tad rushed, so we spent very little time connecting before the shoot.

A picture says a thousand words…if you look at the body language of the model I was working with, you will see that her heart is open. She volunteered for this shoot without even knowing me because she had healing work to do and thought the shoot might provide at least some healing value for her. It did. She had an intense opening of her spirit during the shoot. At the beginning, she was holding her chest forward and her stomach was held in tight.

Her breath was shallow and she had a look mixed with nervousness and fear in her eyes. By the end of the shoot, which I imagine lasted around 30 minutes, she was relaxed, comfortable and much more open. I asked that the photographer and videographer simply allow me to work with her as they captured the moment. They did an amazing job of respecting our process together. You can practice heart connection with yourself by placing you hand on over your heart, or in the middle of your chest and simply breathing deeply while focusing on self-love.

You can also practice heart connection with a lover or someone you care about. It costs nothing and provides a burst of heart-felt connection that is liberating. If there are emotions lurking beneath the surface, they may bubble up, so make sure you have a bit of time to share with your lover, especially if you are working on relationship issues. Simply sit or stand in front of your lover and place your hand over their heart, or on their heart Chakra the enter of their chest) and guide their hand to your heart or heart Chakra (the center of your chest).

YOu can touch your heads together like in the photo below, or simply sit in awe of the beauty of you love! If you have questions, please never hesitate to ask! From my heart to yours, Joy


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