Sensual Relaxation

In our society we work too much and play too little. We breathe shallow breaths and carry tension in our bodies. We hold onto the past and dream of the future instead of embracing the moment. While working with me, I encourage people to let go of the outer world and turn their vision inwards. By turning your vision inwards and focusing on your breath, your body, and the moment, you let go of the past, you are not dreaming of the future, you are simply in the moment.

When you enter this moment with the intention of taking time just for you, there is a level of freedom that is liberating. I was discussing this process with a client who has worked with me for a while. He says that the intense freedom he experiences through sensual relaxation enhances the pleasure he experiences in many areas of his life…Overall, taking time to breathe deeply and focus on relaxation benefits your mind, body, and has an incredibly positive influence on your life.

But what about the benefits of pleasure? Rather than quoting studies and facts, I will share how pleasure affects me. When I experience pleasure, my whole body relaxes, I let go of stress that is held in both my mind and in my body. I feel empowered, excited, engaged, and I am in charge of my sexual energy. Because sex and sexual exploration is such a huge focus in my life, I find that I am able to easily flow into a sensual state of mind. That is part of what I teach people to do…I teach people how to rapidly release stress, turn their focus inwards, and let go of their inhibitions so that they are able to experience heightened states of pleasure.

I want to hear from you…What I want to know is…what brings you pleasure? When you experience pleasure, how do you feel it benefits you? Also, if you have questions about how to experience heightened pleasure, please ask.

From my heart to yours,


Joy Nelson: Contemplation
Joy Nelson: Contemplation

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  1. marcus ritchie says:


    I would like to ask about how to receive pleasure and relaxation because I never seem to feel it it’s always rush rush as my work like 12 hours a day and always tired and sleepy

    I hope you can help me

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    1. Joy says:

      Hi Marcus,

      Thank you for sharing! With such a busy schedule, it is no wonder you find it hard to take time to simply let go and relax.

      I suggest taking a few moments each night when you lay down to go to sleep. Take these moments just for you.

      Place one hand over your heart and the other over you abdomen and take a few deep, rejuvenating breaths. It sounds simple, but can be so liberating.

      If you find you have more time, you can also begin self pleasuring while continuing to focus on deep breath and heart connection.


  2. HI, Joy, thanks for reminding all of us. we are made to feel guilty when we slow down, or relax, or have any fun. I’ve dealt with this ALL my life. I still am, but thanks to wise people like you, I’m resisting the guilt trips.

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