Ecstatic Dance With Joy


Beyond my bodywork, coaching, and Tantra practice, I am an ecstatic dance facilitator. Today one of my clients asked me what ecstatic dance is. It is not an easy practice to define. Ecstatic dance encompasses all movement that expresses or enhances spiritual experiences. It may be a part of a worship service, a group experience or a private spiritual practice. For me, dance is life. Dance is breath. Dance is sensual, rejuvenating, freeing, and it breathes life into my body. Dance moves my spirit, lifts me to a higher space of mind, and opens my heart. Dance fills me.

It is incredible to watch someone attend their first ecstatic dance event. To see them first sitting, watching, waiting for the right moment to move their body. Then they begin to move their body, but they often times mimic the dance moves of others. As their comfort level expands and they let go of ego, you begin to see their true dance. When I facilitate ecstatic dance, my life feels more complete and I feel more engaged and satisfied. I am planning my first trip to Phoenix and I am hoping to facilitate ecstatic dance while there…

In the meantime, I am hoping to begin facilitating pole dancing, aerial silk dancing and ecstatic dance here in Des Moines!


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