Waiting to Exhale…

Multiple people have asked me about the power of breath, the energy connected to breath and how to effectively experience the benefits of deep breathing. Instead of write a step by step, I’ll just walk you through what deep breathing might look like during a session with me.

Imagine if you would, laying on my massage table. Notice the gentle glow of the candle light dancing on the ceiling. Take a moment to check in with yourself. Truly feel yourself. Turn you vision inwards and feel alive in your body. As you take a breath in through your nose, feel the air filling your lungs. Notice the rise and fall of your chest and your abdomen.

If it feels right for you, place your right hand over the center of your chest and place your left hand on your abdomen just below your belly button. Once again, focus on the feeling of your breath as it enters and exits your body. How do you feel? how does your body feel? Are you at peace with yourself?

Do you truly love yourself? Unconditionally? Contemplate that thought for a moment if you would. Say it to yourself…I deeply and completely love and accept myself unconditionally. I am worthy of love, acceptance, abundance and respect. I feel at one with my body. My mind is clear, I am confident in my ability to express myself authentically. I honour my unique beauty. Pleasure is my birth right.

Breath is one key to my pleasure. When I allow myself the time and space to focus on me, I access a level of calm that I find difficult to access in any other way. I will take the time to connect with my body. To connect with my soul. To truly cherish myself and in doing so…I allow myself the freedom to be as I am.

I will not strive for upward mobility. I will not worry about my path, even if I can only see the first step. I will not seek validation from others. I am content with where I am in life. I accept my path and if I want to create change, I will begin with the first step. I accept myself as I am. Because I AM FREE! Remember…so you see yourself, so you become. Everything begins with your thoughts…actions and energy follow your thoughts. FREE

May you cherish yourself. May you honour yourself. May you love yourself. May you be truly FREE

From my heart to yours,




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  1. heartfulembrace says:

    Yes. Breath is the bridge between energy and substance … It opens us to our own spaciousness. It guides our awareness. And it nourishes this divine body. (( ❤ ))

    1. Joy says:

      I fully agree. Thank you for your beautiful expression and for sharing! From my heart to yours, breath by breath, moment by moment, Joy

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