Connect With Your Sexual Energy

I have been contemplating my session offerings. People often ask me what will happen during their session, what it entails and how they prepare for their session with me. It is seriously one of the hardest questions for me to answer. Why? Because no two sessions are the same…even if I am working with the same person. The first thing I do is help my client relax and then I check in with them to see where they are at emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Then I begin to shape the map for their session in my mind.

The one common theme in every session is that I take the time to help my clients connect, reconnect, or deepen their connection with their energy. For some people, they focus on the life force aspect of their energy…for others, they want to focus on the sexual energy held in the core of their body. For some, it is hard to understand the concept of connecting with their energy.

When working with someone like this, I have them acknowledge what it feels like to be alive. What it feels like when they feel truly healthy and alive in their body. If they are seeking a more sensual connection with their energy…or they want to feel alive in a more sensual way, I call their sexual energy arousal. When you sit in stillness without any sexual or sensual stimulation, you can begin to check in with the level of arousal in your body.

To me, that is how you can gauge your connection with your sexual energy. If you think of an arousal/sexual energy dial… with 0 being absolutely no arousal whatsoever, and 10 being the highest level of arousal possible..and you check in with your mind, body, and spirit to see where you are at on the dial…you will then have a baseline. If you are at a 0-1 or a 3-4, there is information there.

This tells me how connected you are and also how your connection with your sexual energy expresses itself. If you place one hand on the center of your chest and your other hand over your yoni/lingam/genitals, and sit for a moment while breathing deeply, you may begin to feel more awareness in your body. As you continue to breathe deeply into the core of your body, you may feel a peaceful feeling wash over you.

As you deepen your focus and your breath, you may begin to feel your energy connection increase. For me, it feels like a warm wave of energy rippling through the very core of my being. I begin to feel my sexual energy literally vibrating through me. It feels rejuvenating, engaging, and pleasurable all at once. Taking the time to do some deep breathing to clear your mind and focus on your energy is transformative.

That’s all she wrote…from my heart to yours, Joy

Photo Credit: John Poppleton
Photo Credit: John Poppleton

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