Tantra and Heavy Metal

Okay, so tonight was the most intense session I have ever had and not necessarily for a good reason…My space in East Village is stunning. I started with a blank slate…old barn wood floors, dusty exposed bricks and beat up plain white walls with the upper part of the ceiling wide open to a system of beams. It is rustic, but now that it is finished I am totally in love with it.

I decided to bust my butt and get it whipped into shape today. To motivate myself, I booked a session with a lovely fellow I have been working with over the past month or so. He was excited to be my first client in my new studio…that is…until the heavy metal band that practices in the loft beside me started practicing. LMAO!

The main lyric (the ones I could recognize from the intense screaming) was DIE, DIE, DIE MOTHER FUCKER DIE! At this point I had no choice but to turn off my calming Deva Premal…and try to go with it. Not so much. I kept accidentally laughing out loud in fits and bursts of giggles. I mean, seriously, what else is there to do at that point?

My client was such a sweetheart…I’m apologizing over and over to him and he keeps telling me “It’s fine.” I pictured him saying it’s fine while wearing one of those t-shirts with the bullet whole and blood. Now I am confused. I don’t know what to do..I love the space and the location. I know there won’t be heavy metal band practice at all hours, but overall it was really noisy.

Unfortunately, the funky ramen restaurant I was excited to have right next to me also leads to a lot of pot clanging and cursing in response to the seemingly on going kitchen accidents. Hohum. You truly can’t judge a book by its cover. What is really comical is that I had planned on leading my ecstatic dance class in the central area of the building and calling the dance sessions…Dancing in the Chaos. Tonight it was Tantra in the chaos.

Now for a glass of Moscato, some Vitamin String and maybe a bath…sweet dreams lovelies!

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