Do You Carry Floggers?

Today is my birthday, so yesterday Mountain took me to Flix Brewhouse and Theater for a meal and a movie with sangria. As we were sitting there eating, drinking and chatting about life, Mountain mentioned that I have been a bit more testy than usual. We had a discussion about my recent shift in attitude. I assured him that it is just various aspects of life that I am currently finding frustrating, not a deeper issue between us.

I could see that he needed reassurance…but considering it was my birthday, I didn’t want to have some deep, meaningful conversation and drudge up the issues I am independently dealing with. So I asked if we could table our discussion for a different day. Mountain is incredibly accommodating, so he offered up a solution…he asked if I wanted to take out my various frustrations by giving him a good flogging. He knows me too well.

Unfortunately, I had forgotten my flogger! Mountain thought that one of the stores we passed on the way to the theater might possibly have one. So I headed down the elevator to “Hot Topic” in search of a flogger to unleash my frustrations. I walk in the door, check out some funky t-shirts and begin walking around looking for my target. Two young women dressed in daring Gothic style clothing stood behind the counter looking both unimpressed and aggressive.

I approached them, taking in their bold style. They each had a variety of facial piercings, their clothing screamed at the world and they seemed annoyed that I would approach them. Finally one of the clerks turned to me and said “Can I help you find something?” in an unemotional tone of voice. “Yes”, I replied. “Do you sell floggers?” The two girls looked at each other with quizzical expressions. Neither of them knew what I was talking about, so I elaborated.

“You know, a flogger?” I said, while making a whipping motion with my right hand. The look on their faces was comical. It was a combination of horror and disgust. Not what I was expecting. The one girl put her hand squarely on her hip and said “No we don’t have floggers; this is a family store!” It was one of those movie moments. Two young women who are literally screaming fuck you at the world, yet at the same time asking for acceptance and a lack of judgment in a harsh world…alsl the while totally judging me.

As I took the escalator back up to the theater, I had to laugh out loud. I told the story to Mountain who made me laugh even harder. I didn’t get to live out one of my favorite sexual adventures, but I did get a good laugh out of my mall adventure! When life hands you lemons, make apple juice and have a good laugh!

From my heart to yours,



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  1. Kevin says:

    Happy Belated Birthday !!

    That is a funny story. The irony of the Goth girls being judgmental is quite funny.

    I hope you are doing well despite your current frustrations. You are a fighter, you will get through it.

    Warm regards

    PS – tried to email you but your server bounced the message.

    1. Joy says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks! I just got access to my email again. I have both and Hope you are well!


  2. Jocktanian Wolf says:

    Seems like to me you’re the one in dire need of a good spanking for a little attitude adjustment 😉

    1. Joy says:

      Not so much. 😉

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