Sexual Bliss

Do you know what I find quite incredible? While working to help one of my client’s reconnect with their sexual energy, I asked them to explore their deepest fantasy within their mind. I saw a light turn on inside their mind and, although I don;t usually directly ask, for some reason I asked…”What is your most intense fantasy?” It is not easy to shock me…people tell me their deepest, darkest secrets…but I must admit, I was shocked.

My client said that their fantasy was to have a marriage like mine. I immediately felt a mixture of honor and sadness. On the one hand, it is an incredible compliment to Mountain and I. On the other hand, it is just one example of an individual struggling to experience meaningful, satisfying, pleasurable connection within their marriage. At the core of my marriage is trust, open communication, clarity of purpose, like-mindedness, commitment, love and yes, lust.

Even though we have been married for nearly 2 decades, we still experience profound lust for each other. Last night was a prime example. I rearranged our bedroom to accommodate an office space for me to write. I felt a rush of satisfaction flood through my body when I stood back and saw what we had accomplished. We collapsed onto our bed, removed our clothing one article at a time and made sweet, sweet love. We wound up on the floor sweaty and satisfied. It was…fulfilling. I wish the same for you…

From my heart to yours,


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