30 Day Sex Challenge

Hey lovelies,

I am back. Rejuvenated and focused. I know I alluded to some challenges I have faced without fully sharing…Although I do not feel that this is the space for me to discuss some of my more personal topics (funny, since I discuss my sex life here lol) I will say that things are coming together. some of the challenges I was dealing with are resolved. The main issue I was dealing with is beyond my control. I have worked on accepting this fact. I have managed to force my stubborn soul to let go and trust in the universe.

For once in a long time, i have allowed my stress to have a negative impact on my sex life. I know, it’s shocking, but true! Mountain and I have discussed it and our communication is healthy, but I feel like we need to regroup and reconnect. So, today I am committing to another 30 day sex challenge. I haven’t told Mountain my plan yet, but i highly doubt he will resist. So not much to share today…but I am also committed to blogging about this process daily.

I hope to continue to represent a beacon of light for couples seeking a passionate, soul satisfying, pleasurable sex life. Fingers crossed (and toes hopefully curled 😉

From my heart to yours,


sexy couple in the water

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