Day Three: 30 Day Intimacy Challenge


Hey lovelies,

You may have noticed that I changed the title of our challenge from 30 Day Sex Challenge to 30 Day Intimacy Challenge. On the third day of our challenge (yesterday) I had the most intense cramps. Sorry to go all girly on ya here, but a woman’s monthly cycle is part of life. I was feeling open to intimacy, but not open to penetration. As an empowered woman who is married to an incredibly conscientious man. Between the two of us, it is not possible to have satisfying sex if I am doing it just for the sake of having sex. Plus the quality would just not be there.

So we discussed what our intention was. Although our intention is definitely to increase the romance in our relationship, the bottom line is that both of us have a deep desire for sexual intimacy that is not being met by our current life interruptions. So we have decided to change our challenge to a sexual intimacy challenge. That means anything that ends in one or more mutual orgasms daily counts. So yesterday I dragged Mountain to the bathroom, turned on the hot water and we hopped into the shower together.

I purchase B-Leve all natural, hypoallergenic, unscented body wash with “moisture beads”. It provides the perfect balance between silky glide and luscious lather. I began by massaging his scalp as I washed his hair. I then gently massaged his back, buttocks and legs, before turning him around to tend to his chest, abdomen and of course, his glorious lingam. It led to a beautiful mutually satisfying moment in the middle of our Friday afternoon. I am definitely noticing that our focus on intimacy and sexual satisfaction is re-igniting our passion. I wish the same for you!

From my heart to yours,


woman's hands unbuttons jeans of man

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