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Hey lovelies,

I wanted to wish you a blissful Sunday! Also, I wanted to mention that I am tired of hearing my own voice! At one point we had a thriving community of active participants and often had one or more on going conversations. I took a sabbatical and since then have found that things are fairly quiet. So I am asking you what you would like more of…

I know my voice has been a bit shaky, but that’s mainly because I am living in a community that I find very difficult to break into on a social level. I have felt isolated for the past two years…I blog to express, to write of course, but the main reason I blog now is to feel a connection to the world around me…so please let me know what you are interested in hearing more about.

From my heart to yours,



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  1. jeffstroud says:

    Blogging is to share your voice in a space where others can and do find that they resonate with what you have to say.
    It is brave to be an authentic person anywhere in the world. It is braver still to be an authentic sexually open woman, fully present for honoring the juicy energy of erotic wisdom!

    Be your beautiful self, the world will hear and respond.

    I am still single and have not even had any attention intimately in a very long time. Self pleasure in all its forms of caring for self is utmost on my interest list.

    I am glad you are writing again.

    ((Hugs)) and love

    1. Joy says:

      Jeff, Thank you. I think the bigger message to me is that my heart and soul are not fulfilled with my current life. It is not anyone’s responsibility but mine.

      I need to find more ways to feed my creativity. It feels difficult to be in the Midwest. I had such an inspired life built for myself before the move, but I can create a life for myself here…

      Thank you for caring and for responding! From my heart to yours, joy

  2. Kevin says:

    Joy – you know I’m a man of brief words. So I’ll just agree with Jeff. Write what you feel. I particularly used to enjoy your morning musings.

    Of course, you had to use one of my favorite pictures of you on this. If I can’t see your eyes, this is my favorite.

    1. Joy says:

      Thanks for the reassurance. I have been a little shaken recently…I feel a bit like a fish out of water…it is affecting all areas of my life…but I am ready to find a way to transform my “new life” to one I am able to enjoy more easily. So nice to hear from you! From my heart to yours, Joy

  3. cambrialane says:

    I know breaking into a new community can be hard. Remember, I am here if you ever want to connect! (Liz from Colfax.)

    I think there are others who are interested but it’s still a little taboo. The younger generation, though, is more open minded! I have already recommended your blog to a few others and will continue to do so.

    As for myself, I am planning on getting my yoga certification and moving forward from there. Hoping to learn about tantra along the way. Maybe some day I can be more active in creating a community in the rural areas near Colfax and Newton. : )

    This may seem totally unrelated, but a spiritual teacher I like online is Teal Swan. Have you seen any of her videos? You can find her on YouTube. Good stuff to help you deal with any difficulties. May also give you some ideas for spiritual topics that connect to tantra.

    Take care!

    1. Joy says:

      Hey, yes we still need to connect. I have been focusing on building my yoga and ecstatic dance practice (on a personal level) since it has been awhile since I have taught.

      I am also focusing on writing (erotica, a couple of books, plus some visual guides). It would be awesome to connect now that things have slowed down for me.

      I can see there is a huge interest in Tantra and the related spiritual practices I teach here in the Midwest…I don’t think it’s
      “taboo” I think people are just afraid of how deeply they are drawn to it.

      I have a ridiculous number of spiritual coping techniques…I think that is how I manage to stay mainly positive in the face of some of the things I have been dealing with. I haven’t posted on the blog because it is just too personal…Life is bliss even when it isn’t 🙂

      From my heart to yours,


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