Flash Erotica: Part 2

Flash Erotica: Let’s Fuck

I’ve wanted to fuck Cindi for as long as I can remember. At night I dream of her. During the day, she occupies my thoughts and my cock. If I need to focus on something, I have to block her from my mind. If I think about her for too long I cum uncontrollably.

Yesterday she whispered in my ear that she wants to fuck me too. Shit; I just came in my pants. Again. I’d like to say it’s Cindi’s intelligence that turns me on. Truth? It’s her kickass body, her plump tits and her sweet pussy that drive me crazy. I can’t believe she’s into me.

For years I’ve kept Jake in a state of erotic frenzy. I first noticed how hard he gets around me during a staff party. We had both been drinking and accidentally touched his shoulder. As my fingers brushed across his shoulder, I swear a spark flew. His face flushed red and I believe his cock did as well.

When I saw his reaction, I leaned in and kissed his cheek. I can’t be positive, but I seriously think the dude came in his pants. At first I wasn’t into him at all, but recently the intensity of Jake’s arousal has piqued my interest. Yesterday I told him I want to fuck him. I didn’t even mean to say it, it just popped out of my mouth.

To be continued….

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