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Hey lovelies,

I have finally found my niche…Flash Erotica is a complete story told in 100-1500 words. For the die hards, it is more like 100-500 words…The funny thing about me is that I write constantly and I also read constantly. When I am writing, I force myself to draw things out, share more details and paint a mental picture through more words than I might choose to…if I did not feel obligated to stick to the general word count standards.

When I read, I tend to scan a novel looking for the meat and bones (pun intended). Not just the sex, but the violence, the intense moments that thrill me. I am not the type of woman who likes to hear about the details. In erotica and in all writing there is a term called purple prose: “In literary criticism, purple prose is prose text that is so extravagant, ornate, or flowery as to break the flow and draw excessive attention to itself. Purple prose is characterized by the extensive use of adjectives, adverbs, zombie nouns, and metaphors.”

I find most writing gets into so much detail that I lose track of the story. I understand that not everyone feels this way. It is a niche. A niche I enjoy reading and writing…so strap yourself in, sit down and get ready for my “smokelong” stories (short enough to read during a smoke break).

I am also in the process of creating a pen name/character. I know this sounds strange…so far I am not sure the people I have shared this with truly get what I mean. Basically, I am Joy Nelson. I am also Tantrachick…but Tantrachick is not a name per se. Tantrachick is more like a brand.

I now need a brand that has a female name. A first and last name. I have read a lot of comic books with super heros. I know it might sound a tad cheesy, but I have decided that my pen name will be a character I play in real life. I am currently designing her costume. I look forward to sharing with you all along the way.

Flash Fiction Part One: Let’s Fuck

“I’ve wanted to fuck her for as long as I can remember. At night I dream of her. During the day, she occupies my thoughts and my cock. If I need to focus on something, I have to block her from my mind. If I think about her for too long I cum uncontrollably.

Yesterday she whispered in my ear that she wants to fuck me too. Shit; I just came in my pants. Again. I’d like to say it is her intelligence that turns me on. Truth? It’s her kickass body, her plump tits and her sweet pussy that drive me crazy. I can’t believe she’s into me.”


temptation woman and man embracing each other

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  1. Joy the story is fabulous, look forward to more. Makers it up beautiful!!!!

    1. Joy says:

      Why thank you!

      1. Rick says:

        Well done, Please write more.

      2. Joy says:

        Thank you. I have written a novella and quite a few erotica stories in the past couple months. It seems to be my love.

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