My Date With a Mistress


I don’t yet have permission to share details…hoping to get confirmation tomorrow during my meeting. I am connecting with a Dominatrix tomorrow evening. My interest in the combo of pleasure and gentle, seductive pain has grown. I know curiosity kills the cat, so wish me luck…I will literally be visiting a the dungeon of a professional Dominatrix.

Hope to have permission to update you with more juicy details.

From my heart to yours,



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  1. obriend1936 says:

    Can’t wait to hear about your experience!

    Also, I am wondering how you define, “gentle, seductive pain”. Does this only apply to you as a submissive, since you have indicated your interest in caning Mountain? Caning is not usually considered gentle, although it can be quite seductive.

    BTW, how does Mountain feel about your doing this?

    I do hope that your dom experience lives up to your expectations. And I do wish you luck!
    Sweet dreams,

    1. Joy says:


      Flogging is not caning. I would never cane Mountain…I realize I should have expanded when I wrote that post. There seemed to be a lot of misunderstanding. I am not submissive, I am dominant…

      Oddly enough, Mountain is very supportive. When I am happy, he is happy. I am not going to participate in a session, I am going to interview this incredible woman and…if we have the right synergy, I hope to learn from her.

      Not sure if I will even do anything with the knowledge, but this is one area of human sexuality I haven’t yet explored…how can I guide if I have no experience. I can’t…sweet dreams to you as well!


      1. obriend1936 says:

        Sorry I got confused. Thanks for clarifying.

        I admire your commitment to researching all areas that you deal with in your practice.

        Good luck tomorrow night,

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