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I forgot to update you. I chickened out. I did not go to my meeting with the esteemed Dominatrix. She texted me needing to change our appointment, which I took as a sign that it was not meant to be.

I wanted to clarify my intention for this meeting. I receive so many emails, questions, and session requests from people who have fetishes, alternative lifestyle focuses, and/or are actively involved in the BDSM lifestyle.

There is so much about this lifestyle that I personally do not understand. I wanted to gain more insight from someone with so much experience. I want to understand so that I am better able to support the individuals and couples who seek my guidance.

I may still attend a session with this empowered woman, but I seem to be a tad hesitant. To give or receive pain is not something that interests me personally. The flogging in my relationship is more of a gentle, teasing exploration…not intended to bring about pain.

I hope your day is bliss! From my heart to yours, JoyJoy-912


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  1. Hello Joy. Let me tell you in that photograph today you are beautiful. In all your pictures you are beautiful, but I like it particularly.
    Let me also give you an opinion about what you expose today, for the sado-masochistic relationships, that’s what I understood. I have no personal experience with that, but what others say. I think there is an emotional pain involved in any sexual partner, such as jealousy, and if there is a sado-masochistic pleasure in causing suffering lover with that. but in the case of sadomasochistic perversions must surely play a sexual enjoyment of producing and receiving pain, in principle, no object, then with the body as an object. I say “enjoy” and not pleasure, because it is not the same. The pleasure is projected onto an object, while in the enjoyment is a pleasure without object. The enjoyment in which the object is missing is repressed in normal or neurotic subjects, unconsciously, that’s why these cases is sexuality produces anxiety and emotional pain, whereas in the perversions scene for enjoyment is mounted, as in a theater, and there is an inability to feel emotional pain.
    The enjoyment in the neurotic subject is experienced as shame and guilt. That that produces shame and guilt is what the person wants. Sado-masochism in enjoying the shame and guilt of another, which is “witness” to the perverse scene.
    Is there any kind of sexuality in which it is not necessary to involve the pain? I think if: Tantra.
    I hope I can come to be of any use to you what I say.
    A hug.

    1. Joy says:

      Thank you! I fully hear you. Thank you for sharing and expressing! From my heart to yours, Joy

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