Fearless With Joy


Hey lovelies,

From the tone of the emails I have been receiving lately, I am aware that most if not all of you have noticed my less sparkly self expression over the past couple of years. Over the past couple of weeks I have been working with a life coach.

He is an incredibly wise, caring and intelligent coach who uses a variety of techniques that are fully inline with the techniques I use during coaching sessions with my clients. I was reluctant to use a coach myself, but then I thought “what a hypocrite”.

I discovered so much about myself both as an entrepreneur and as an empowered woman. Rather than share the depth of my confusion and overall dissatisfaction I feel towards my current life circumstances, I will share the decisions I have made to support myself in living the life I love and loving the life I live.

For two years I have been trying to force myself back into a box. I am a free thinking, liberal minded sexually vibrant woman and I have not only bee on to think “outside the box” I don;t even believe there is a box. With this in mind, trying to force myself to conform to a set of societal rules that are not inline with my practice has dampened my creativity and my sensuality.

So I am moving forward with a fearless attitude. If someone misunderstands my work and judges me. Fuck ’em. I don’t need to take on their bullshit. If there is someone in my life who does not fully embrace their own sexuality and therefore feel discomfort when they reflect on the work I do…I do not need their validation.

There is not a single aspect of my work and the many ways it unfolds that makes me feel personally uncomfortable, shameful, or hesitant. In fact, I thoroughly love the work I do with men, women and couples. While speaking with my coach, he noted that I light up and express my passion most fully when I am speaking about my work and my clients.

Because my location at least somewhat limits my work, I am going to begin traveling to teach and host workshops! This is something I always wanted to do. I believe that may be why I am located where I am. We are building for our future at the moment and living in the Midwest is a stepping stone, not a final destination.

So as I travel, I will also be scoping out spaces and places that fee my soul and embrace my work. So far I am planning to host retreats in Florida, Hawaii and Mexico! I can literally feel my spirit soar as I think of the coming adventures.

So I would like to say a deep, heart felt thank you to each of you for your support along the bumpy part of my path. I will continue sharing as my journey unfolds. Sharing my inner thoughts, even when they are not sparkly or sensuous has been an anchor and an inspiration for me.

From my heart to yours,



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  1. jerrytyner says:

    All paths seem bumpy when they are in the “launch” phase. If you ahve ever seen old pictures of astronauts being launched there is an extreme amount of vibration until they reach escape velocity (or orbit in some cases). You are doing what makes your heart sing and that is the best for you and all who find you. Keep up the good work with your life coach. If you would ever like to try guided imagery to supplement what you are doing with your life coach via Skype it would be honored to work with you. Much love and light on your journey. 🙂

    1. Joy says:

      Thanks so much Jerry! What a lovely expression of support. Much appreciated. I love guided imagery. Much love and light to you as well! From my heart to yours, Joy

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