My Badass Day!


Hey lovelies,

Wow, things are flowing with such epic beauty I am weak at the knees. My day began with an empowering meeting where I drew some boundaries and did not allow myself to respond to someone else’s needs at the expense of my own (Joy pats herself on the back for learning to grow a pair).

Next I sent a Christmas package to my son (who is almost 18 and recently moved back to the West Coast of Canada). I felt sad that he would not be home for Christmas, but I also enjoyed sending him a package of thoughtful and much-needed gifts (including a painting from his little sister).

Then I walked over to Bridgehouse Cafe to eat some delicious homemade soup while waiting for my photographer Sam from Pixxelle Studio to arrive. My studio is nearby, so we met briefly there and then went back to the cafe.

He wanted to capture me in my element. Of course, sometimes my element is laying in bed being pleasured, other times I may be enjoying the outdoors, but a “day in the life of Joy” often includes writing at the cafe.

It was hilarious to have a professional photo shoot in my tiny Midwest town. I heard two women say, “Oooh, I wonder if there is a celebrity in town.” Sam brought an elaborate lighting set, which he used during the shoot.

At first I found myself giving that nasty “don;t take my fucking picture look.” He wasn’t getting the shots he wanted, so he had me simply sit where I normally do and write.

Because I feel passionate when I write, I managed to take deep breaths and relax into myself. It was illuminating. In business, they tell you to do what you are passionate about. Let me tell you, that phrase took on a whole new meaning for me today.

After the shoot, I connected with my family and we went to look at an acreage we are considering purchasing. I am visioning a retreat center with animals, gardens, a natural swimming pool, and an awesome gathering space.

The fam and I went to grab some Mexican, then I headed out the door to hang with a new friend. She is a Pagan, eclectic Creatrix and I totally have a girl crush on her (get your minds out of the gutter, geesh). I just mean I really dig her as a kindred spirit.

We decided to head to a sustainable and intentional community meeting in Grinnell together…on her bicycle built for two. It was fucking cold, that;s what I will say about the bike ride. The meeting was cool. It is the third one I have attended.

While biking from the meeting to Solera, a cool little hangout spot, we passed another community member walking to the same place. She offered him a ride! LMAO! I immediately said,”You’re riding bitch!”

It was awkward to say the least. He kept almost falling off, so I said, “Maybe you should grab the handle.” Then I look at the handle and realize how much more awkward the ride would be if he did (the handle was between my legs), so I say, “Nevermind, actually just like grab my shoulder or something.”

So we sat at Solero sipping “The Freakshow”, which is a delicisous Cabernet Sauvignon. My friend and I left together (yes, on the bike). I got back to my van, which was parked in front of her home, we said our goodbyes and I came home.

Now I am sitting here with a heart full of Joy (pun intended). My mind is calm, my body feels invigorated. I wish my lover was would be the perfect end to a perfect (or should I say badass) day! I think a sensuous soak in a steaming hot tub is in order.

I hope you are having a blissful evening!

From my heart to yours,



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