Guest Post: What is Sensuality


What is sensuality? by Lee Sinden

It’s pretty much as it sounds and of course, involves the senses. It is the feeling of being gratified through your senses such as sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. A piece of music can be sensual if it makes you feel good and makes you feel calm. The sight of nature can also do this. I know I am most at peace within

I know I am most at peace within a natural surrounding. I can become bored in a place where there is everything to do, but sit on a mountain top for hours just looking at the horizon and boredom will never arrive. This is when I feel most happy. Eating a meal full of flavour knowing that someone has put their creativity, heart and soul into it in order to give pleasure is sensual. Stroking the soft fur of my pet rabbits brings calm and relaxation as do hugs with my loved ones.

Obviously, sensuality is closely linked to sex. I don’t think all sex brings this however as I feel that you can only gain this by sharing it with someone you love. A one night stand without emotion doesn’t really bring sensuality to my mind, but then I have never had one. Tantric love seems to be a play on frantic which to me isn’t sensual, but maybe to others. As I said it is the feeling of being gratified by the senses. Maybe frantic is followed by sensuality and the feeling that all your senses have been gratified?

Sex has to be sensual because it uses so many senses. The sound of your partner, the touch of their skin, the sight of their beautiful body and of course the taste of their lips and body as you kiss. I think that problems begin when our senses are not gratified. I am not an expert, but I’m sure that the key to a good sex life is that you can unlock each others senses. I imagine this is different for everyone which makes the subject so interesting. Also the major sense is sound and this can come in the shape of speech. If you don’t talk to each other then how will you ever know what’s going wrong and what’s going right?

This is my view on sensuality! What is yours?

Guest Post: by Lee Sinden

Bio: My name is Lee Sinden. I’m 31 and from the UK. I love writing particularly poetry and about my travels. I have opinions and interests in a wide range of topics although my passion is travel and film. I look forward to the future with my wife and hopefully children to follow. The dream to see the world in a beautiful VW Campervan. Read more…

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