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Let’s start from the bottom! I have size 11 UK feet; they are slender and long and perfect for swimming. I love swimming and I would say this is my favourite activity. My feet are like an engine to keep me afloat and allow me to soar through the water with ease. They resemble hobbit feet with hair along the top; this is of great fun to many.

My legs are long for my height; they are hairy to the ankle, but not overly so. I have scars to tell many a story. Bike falls, hockey grazes, cat scratches, falls on drunken nights out. My right knee has a scar down the middle due to a major car crash. My knee was completely shattered and reconstructed with wire.

I often feel like a broken man because my injury stops me from playing squash, running, walking and cycling long distances without pain. My upper legs were extremely developed before the crash, but now they are thin. I work hard to improve the muscles using my exercise bike. I am still happy with my legs aesthetically speaking, but I want to run again.

I have never been bothered by penis size. I am average, which means I am pretty much the same as any other man. It’s a body part that I feel could have been created with more beauty, but the work it does is amazing. To think life can come from my penis is truly amazing!

My stomach is fairly small, but bigger than it was. This is a mixture of getting to thirty, loving food and struggling to exercise due to my knee issues. My belly button is an innie, which is another sign of birth and where I came from; this again is the miracle of creating life.

My chest measures 38 inches, so medium to small. I have never been able to build my upper body. I find weight training a bore and prefer more active sports such as squash, tennis and badminton. My arms are thin but show no signs of fat, which I am happy with. I have always wanted to be quick as opposed to strong.

My face is a mixture of father and grandfather. It is not pretty, but having lost both men in my life, I feel happy to see them in the mirror every day. My grandad’s jaw and nose, my dad’s eyes, forehead, hairline and ears. I have been lucky to have been given intelligence and a love of knowledge. My brain helps me read and learn.

My back is rarely seen by myself but I’m told my hair is definitely migrating from my head. It is a strong back and one without pain which is all I can ask for. My bum is ample and certainly fills my trousers. I would say it shows that I play sport and exercise regularly.

My eyes are my favourite part of my body. The are piecing blue and allow me to see many beautiful things as I travel the world. I hope to be with this body a long time and at present apart from my knee, it is healthy.

I experienced a major trauma because of a serious accident involving a pickup truck. After the accident, my body tested my mind; I couldn’t even lift my leg an inch. But my body has brought me joy in sport, pleasure, tears, happiness, disgust, pride and many complex emotions. I have imperfections, but I know this is me and I wouldn’t change myself.

Guest Post: by Lee Sinden

Bio: My name is Lee Sinden. I’m 31 and from the UK. I love writing particularly poetry and about my travels. I have opinions and interests in a wide range of topics although my passion is travel and film. I look forward to the future with my wife and hopefully children to follow. The dream to see the world in a beautiful VW Campervan. Read more…


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  1. jeffstroud says:

    Honest and interesting thoughts on the process of our bodies, interspersed with sense of well being and compassion.

  2. sinnerz13 says:

    Thank you! I would love to encourage others to describe their bodies.

  3. vinnieh says:

    I liked your sense of honesty here, it was really encouraging.

  4. kim Brown says:

    It was great to read how you describe your body …. objectively and honestly. Without this I would not have known where to start but now I’m thinking about my body and how I would describe it and how I feel about it.

  5. This is awesome! I’m doing this myself as a series. I penned my next installment in the series about my shoulders and back today. Thank you for your work in this endeavor!

    1. Joy says:

      I will have to check it out! Thanks so much for connecting!

    2. sinnerz13 says:

      Thank you for reading 🙂 I look forward to reading your instalments.

      1. It’s been a journey for sure! It’s nice to read your perspective. Many women, I believe, forget men are vulnerable and have aim of the same insecurities. It’s not that it’s nice to hear, it just helps to know we’re all kinda in the same damn boat(so why don’t we build a new one?)

      2. sinnerz13 says:

        Yes one that is not judged on what it looks like and is judged on its content.

      3. Joy says:


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