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Dear Shay-lon,

I actually received a few additional emails on the topics of writing and blogging.  I thought it might be helpful to begin the conversation here on the Tatnrachick blog. I know Lee was looking for blog topic ideas as well, so maybe something will come from this post.

As a blogger, one of the most important questions you must ask yourself when you first start out is who are you writing to/for? Each of us wants to say that we are writing for ourselves and to a certain extent that is true, but if we aren’t passionate about our topic/focus, that will come across in our writing. Beyond writing for ourselves about a topic we are [assionate about, we also need to understand who our target readers are. How old are they, what are their interests, what inspires them, etc.

I have been blogging for almost 6 years. For the first 3 years, I blogged almost every single day of the year. That’s because I was passionate and I also wanted my blog to come up higher in search rankings so that I could engage more people. The combination of passion, authenticity, and dedication paid off. My blog became a hub for communication about topics that were dear to my heart and important to our society’s growth and development.

When everything got going and thousands of people were reading my blog each day, it also took a lot of time and energy to keep up. I did not focus on monetizing my blog (I am in fact still working on that) and I got a bit burnt out. I was getting a lot of coaching clients through my blog, but the time my blog was taking out of my life became a bit overwhelming. If blogging is your true passion, then finding a way to earn an income from your blog can help you keep focusing without draining yourself.

In the disconnected world we live in, when we reach out with our words, people feel connected to us. Sometimes they have little to no connection in their personal lives and feel frustrated and alone in their professional lives, so they crave the connection they get from the words they read and the follow up interactions. In fact, that connection and feeling of being in an online community with like-minded people also nurtures and fuels my creativity.

Unfortunately, the success I experienced without the having the right platforms in place caI caused me to stop blogging. I mean, every now and then I would post something, but my passion and energy for blogging was zapped. I had nothing engaging left to say, or so I thought. Then I did the free writing exercise I shared with you and I began to find my voice again.

Beyond the writing exercises I did, I also joined the Entrepreneurs Journey Insider Community. It is a place where fellow bloggers support each other. It is guided by Yaro Starak who, in my opinion, is one of the most influential bloggers and entrepreneurs of our time. The EJ Community has been invaluable to me.

Through the EJ community, I also met Nicholas Chalmers, who is a life and business coach. Because we were both in the EJ Community, he offered me a couple of free coaching sessions and I ended up paying for a couple more as well. After working with Nicholas, I realize that my inner fear was also holding me back. Together we looked my fear in the face and began structuring my blogging and income sources so I could find more balance. We managed to conquer my fear and through that process, I rediscovered my voice. I am also not an affiliate of and receive no financial incentives to promote either Nicholas or Yaro. The picture is Yaro “living the laptop lifestyle!”

I am also not saying that this is the path you will need to go down, I am just sharing my experience and process with you. I posted a question in the EJ community forum asking for resources from other community members and from Yaro as well. I will share anything they suggest with you. What I know from my experience is that blogging is not easy, but the rewards are worth it, especially if you are truly passionate about what you do (which it seems to me you are). I love encouraging other writers and bloggers to tap into their voice and trust in themselves!

Yaro also has a free report called the Blog Profit Blueprint which I highly recommend. Thank you for reaching out and for your kind comments! I wish you incredible success in 2016! From my heart to yours,

In blogging community,




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  1. fitnessgrad says:


    I had just emailed you telling you how I have been on and off the computer all day between social media, researching and blogging between my two sites. I thought to myself, well I am logged on WordPress; might as well make use of it and find out what is in store for me. It took me a minute to find your blog because I forgot to follow your page and I didn’t realize how personal you would make your blog; dedicating it to me, for me. I have to say, I am smitten. I read this post about 3 times before deciding I would either print this out or write it all down, mostly due to the fact I want to be able to refer to it when needed. I also shared this post on my facebook page as a way to share with my fellow peers how a blogger was able to reach out to me ( I hope this is quite alright). It’s intriguing finding out how you started this journey and was able to make the most of it with the help of someone else as I am doing now with you, because of you I am now okay with having “writers block” and being able to spend time at a computer typing out whatever comes to mind before making sense of it all. I am glad you have noticed how passionate I am about my topics of choice; fitness, health,wellness. Blogging came to me by a professor whom saw great things coming from my mind & he wanted me to reach out to others to hopefully change our field (my major being exercise science), not to mention I had high hopes of being a mogul of fitness/health one day and putting forth a new outlook. I am still young so I have plenty of time to get there but I needed to start somewhere and expand my horizons somehow. Like you, I have hopes that I can somehow make money from people enjoying my blogs and sharing them amongst others; although I do know it will take time and patience before I see this happen. That is quite alright, for now. I hope you continue to share what you have learned with myself and others who may run into the same issues. I also hope that blogging can be a lifestyle change for me just as fitness was because thus far I enjoy it greatly. Thank you for efforts in helping me find ways to conquer blogging. You are always welcome to contact me with any information, feedback, opinions, or a solid conversation. Cheers to a whole new year full of love and laughter.


    1. Joy says:

      You are most welcome, it’s my pleasure. I asked Yaro what resources he suggested for new bloggers. He said that his Blog Profits Blueprint (which I originally read years ago) is updated and available for free. Might be helpful for you. I wish you the best for 2016! Joy

      1. fitnessgrad says:


        Thank you, I will look into this & I wish you the same for 2016.


  2. Joy says:


    You are most welcome! I love helping others along their path, especially if I feel like something I have to share may help. With that in mind, this response you wrote reminded me of something. My most passionate blog posts take very little time to write. Usually, this is because I am truly passionate, or sometimes it is because I know exactly who I am speaking to.

    Blogging is in many ways very similar to writing a response like you just did. If you check your comment above, it has around 500 words. Compare how long it takes you to write 500 words for a blog post to how long it took you to write this comment. For your next blog post, imagine that you are speaking to me and attempting to share your ideas with me…or a good friend. I would be curious to know if the process flows more for you.

    As for health and wellness topics I am interested in, I experience pain in my lower back because of a compression fracture I received in a car accident. So many exercises hurt me. I know I need to work on building my core strength, but I end up almost debilitated in pain if I over do it. Not asking you to write a blog post on this topic, but each time you choose a topic to write about, imagine you are speaking to someone just like me who is struggling with an issue related to your knowledge base.

    I look forward to watching you blossom as a blogger!

    From my heart to yours,


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