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Hey lovelies,

The past couple weeks have been wonderfully productive, but my focus was not on blogging. My daughter opened her tattoo parlour this weekend! It was quite the process. There was a little stress in the final days leading up to the Health Department inspection, but other than that we were mainly feeling excited and accomplished.

The inspection went well. The health inspector was very satisfied our set up and we passed with flying colours. It is such an incredible accomplishment for my daughter to be running her own independent business doing her dream job at such a young age.

If you can believe it, I actually received some negative feedback from a couple of concerned family members. My mother-in-law felt that Eden should have to work harder and wait for many more years before being able to have her own shop doing what she loves!

I honestly couldn’t fathom feeling like that. Her main concern is that Eden hasn’t worked hard enough for this so she will take it for granted. I tried my best to simply respond respectfully and hear her concerns but in my mind, I felt saddened by her lack of understanding.

The saying “A mother’s work is never done.”, reminds me of the life of an artist. I am in no way comparing the work a mother does to the work an artist does. What I am saying is that I don’t think the average person understands the life of an artist.

My younger daughter Ary who is also an artist picked up a crayon when she was 9 months old. When she managed to connect the crayon to the paper and saw the colour on the paper her eyes lit up. She managed to clap with the crayon in her hand and since then she too has been hooked.

Both of my daughters spend hours everyday painting, coloring, drawing, sketching and creating art in many forms with numerous mediums. There are tears of joy and tears of frustration. I have seen so many creations crumpled up and thrown out in a moment of frustration.

As a child, I was also an artist. No one took me seriously and because money was tight, I rarely had the supplies necessary to create what was in my mind. It was deeply frustrating and I remember feeling my spirit dwindle bit by bit.

Over time, I stopped being creative and I felt a sense of inner loss. I wish someone had believed in me the way I believe in my girls. Eden is excited, overwhelmed, and proud all at the same time. Beyond the years of learning, experimenting and practicing while building herself into an artist, she has worked even harder to make this goal a reality.

She is taking the challenge head on and has expressed her gratitude towards the various people who have helped make her dream a reality. Today she has 3 tattoo appointments booked. On the surface that might not sound like much, but trust me, giving someone a tattoo is a complex process.

It is amazing to watch her in her own shop deep in meditation as she places her art on a living canvas. While standing in line at the grocery store the other day I saw a good friend of hers scrubbing dishes in the cafe kitchen. Without the support she has received that could easily be Eden.

I am not in any way saying that there is anything wrong with scrubbing dishes for minimum wage. But if my daughter can be living her dream, doing something she loves while also earning a decent living, why on earth would anyone wish for anything less for her.

The name of Eden’s tattoo parlour is Viva La Vida Designs and Body Art. In the English language, “Viva la vida” literally means “Long live life” or “Live the life.” Very appropriate considering the fact that opening her shop is providing Eden with an opportunity to “live the life!”


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  1. dana says:

    Viva la Vida!!! I love hearing what is happening with your daughter. I was just thinking earlier how backwards it is these days and how brainwashed we’ve gotten (not all, but the majority on a collective whole). Work hard at a job you don’t like or doesn’t fit you or use any of your gifts for as long as you can…to save up for some time in distant future and basically give your life away. I am happy to hear that she will be able to do what she loves for a living, the way it should be. I too, am an artist that didn’t have the tools I needed when I was young to really create what my mind imagined….my heart leaps when I hear stories such as this!!!! Go get m’ Eden!!

    1. Joy says:

      Awe, thank you so much! I fully agree with you! It has been really hard for her because she is in the start up stages. She has these moments where she feels like she can’t handle the level of responsibility, so then I kick up my support for a bit and she gets through it. In the long run this will b amazing for her. Awe, I love that your heart leaps in response to Eden’s story! Makes my own heart sing! I love connecting, look forward to learning more about you and seeing how we are able to create a mutually beneficial connection! From my heart to yours, Joy

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