Erotic Trance Continued…


Imagine if you would, that your lover gently removes your clothes layer by layer until you are standing completely naked in front of your beloved. Without uttering a single word, your lover guides you to your bed, where you lay down on a blanket so soft your feel as if you are floating on a cloud. The temperature in the room is perfect and there is a lovely aroma drifting through the air. You find yourself focusing on the scent though somehow you can’t quite figure out what it is. At first, you think it might be vanilla, but then you picture a beautiful lilac in full blossom. You decide it doesn’t matter, whatever the scent is, it smells delicious and you find it calming yet invigorating.

Your lover begins by asking you to close your eyes and deepen your breath. You immediately do so without questioning their intention. You feel no resistance. No resistance in your body, in your mind, or in your spirit. You are relaxed, calm, peaceful even, yet your body is vibrating with sensuous energy. A feeling of excitement and anticipation ripples through you. For a moment, you simply focus on the sound of your breath, but then you feel the lovely caress of your lover’s hands flowing across your body. You hear the word YES in your mind.

As if your lover can read your mind, you hear them say YES. You repeat that word and feel more fully open. YES. The room is silent, the aroma floating through the air reminds you of a warm breeze, your body is vibrant, your mind is open and you know you are ready. You hear your lover’s voice and it sends a ripple of erotic energy through your body. Each word your lover utters feel as though they are penetrating your mind. It is as if you are able to feel pleasure in each and every cell of your body. You feel pleasure in the very depths of your soul. YES.

Your body feels light, engaged and begins to feel as if it is almost vibrating with anticipation. Your muscles relax as your lover’s hands glide across your body with a warmth you feel deep in your soul. You contemplate that word for a moment; deep. Yes, you want to go deep into pleasure. Your lover whispers in your ear “Go even deeper now. Deeper into yourself and deeper into your pleasure. Deeper into pleasure, YES!” You feel your orgasmic energy flowing, expanding, moving, pulsing YES!

For a moment there are no thoughts, no emotions, no inhibitions, there is just you and your lover. Your beloved. You feel the hot breath of your lover flowing across your body like a warm breeze. You let go into pleasure and allow your mind the freedom to just be. To just feel. You let go on such a deep and complete level that the only thing you feel is this pleasure building in your body. YES! This pleasure You feel. Fully aligned with your process, your lover breathes into your ear “Yes, this pleasure I am feeling. This pleasure in my body. This pleasure building, rippling, expanding. Yes, this pleasure I feel.”

After what seems like hours you open your eyes and feel the satisfaction in your body. It is hard to fully awaken from this truly aroused state. Part of you wants to just stay in this state of pleasure forever. You take a deep breath, feeling a wave of pleasure ripple through you and as you feel your lover’s hands glide across your body once more you feel YES in your body once again as you let go and allow your lover to guide you on another journey into pleasure. Another journey into YES!

EnJOY lovelies…



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  1. Mark L says:

    Entering into YES is to go into acceptance and surrender… a delicious place to be Joy.

    1. Joy says:

      Most definitely!

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