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Because I have neglected you all, I thought I would send you a special Sunday surprise. This is installment one in a series of erotica shorts I am writing. I am posting the first one free but I am also in the process of creating my erotica author site, so if you like my writing you will soon be able to buy my erotica! I ask that you remember to honor the level of vulnerability and transparecny I am showing you.

I have been writing erotica for many years but have only recently found the courage to begin publsihing my work. This story was inspired by a fantasy that one of my blog readers shared with me (one that will clearly never happen in real life). He simply said that he would love to experience my sexual control…so I tapped into that thought and wrote this story.

enJOY from my heart to yours,


DOMINATED Book I of the Miss Joy Series

As I arrived at my destination I suddenly felt incredibly nervous. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The only instruction Miss Joy gave me was to come freshly showered with an open heart and an open mind. I wanted to please Miss Joy so I spent at least half an hour in the shower scrubbing my body from head to toe. I had a hard on the whole time. I couldn’t seem to help myself. I just kept thinking of her body and the excitement of being invited to “play” in her dungeon.

I know it is a huge privilege. Generally Miss Joy only invites women into her play space. I was deeply honored and wanted to make sure I acted appropriately. I want more than anything to please Miss Joy. To serve and honor her so that she would understand how deeply committed I am to making her happy. I have always had a submissive personality but it wasn’t until I met Miss Joy that I realized I wanted to be dominated.

As I focused on my desire to be controlled by Miss Joy I became totally obsessed with the idea. The second I relaxed, I could feel her presence. It was as if her sexual energy was penetrating me, consuming my thoughts and controlling my body. The second I thought of her my cock began to throb. This chick was driving me out of my mind. I would do anything for her. I would do anything to her and would let her do anything she wanted to me. Anything that pleased her.

It is crazy how much I trust her. It is something about the look in her eyes, the way she moves her body and the innocence of her smile. I have never met anyone like her before. I doubt there is another woman on earth like her. The world couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t handle it. I found myself standing at her front door gathering my courage, trying to make myself ring the door bell. But of course, Miss Joy was ahead of me as usual. She opened the door and without saying a word, turned to walk away.

Although she hadn’t given me instructions, I immediately followed her. I felt like I was dying of thirst and Miss Joy was water. Just being with her quenches my thirst. As I followed her down a long hallway into her home, the only sounds were the clicking of her high heels on the wooden floor and the pounding of my heart. Or was it my cock? Either way, it was thrilling. The anticipation was intense. I had no idea what was about to happen to me but I wanted to be here more than I wanted anything in the world.

When we reached the end of the hallway Miss Joy turned and flashed a knowing look at me. It was as if her eyes were instructing me. She didn’t utter a single word, but I immediately knew what I was supposed to do; what Miss Joy wanted me to do. I dropped to my knees, placed my hands behind my back, clasping them tightly as she moved towards me. She examined me as if I was a toy and she was considering purchasing me.

I wanted to be hers so fucking badly. In that moment, nothing mattered. In that moment, there was only me and her. In that moment everything else evaporated. It was as if I had entered a hypnotic vault where the only thoughts in my mind were of Miss Joy, my cock and pleasure. Fuck me. That word nearly makes me cum every time I think it or hear it. Pleasure. Miss joy has programmed my mind to react to the word pleasure. It is what she likes to call her “pleasure trigger”.

Whatever it is it is fucking awesome. Before training my mind with Miss Joy I felt lost. I was alone. My mind was always filled with stress and bullshit from work. Now I just let go into myself. I let go into pleasure and it is the most liberating experience. It is beyond magical. It is like every erotic dream I ever had is nothing compared to what I feel when Miss Joy activates my pleasure trigger.

The craziest thing about it is that all I need to feel such intense bliss is the sound of her voice, the look in her eyes or that smile of hers. She doesn’t even need to touch me to make me cum. All it takes is a simple command from her and I literally cum in my pants. Even crazier is that the orgasms she gives me aren’t normal. Nah, they are so fucking insane and they last for such a long time.

As you can tell, I lost myself while Miss Joy carefully inspected me. She ordered me to stand which I immediately did. As I stood before her, I felt like a soldier responding to the orders of his captain. I was under her spell and it felt so fucking good. Miss Joy stepped around me and came up behind me. She was so close I could feel the heat of her breath but she didn’t touch me. Not at first that is.

When she was satisfied with her inspection she reached both arms around me and began unbuttoning my shirt. She carefully undid each button with intention. Her body was closer to me than it had ever been before. When she undid the final button, she slid my shirt off and placed it on a black leather chair that was beside me. The click of her high heels on the floor as she walked in front of me almost made me cum. she had also conditioned me to this sound. It was another pleasure trigger she planted in my mind.

As if she was reading my thoughts, in a stern yet sexy voice she said “Sub, hold it for me.” I took a deep breath and focused on not cumming in my pants. I wanted to perform for Miss Joy in any way she desired. In all honesty, I wanted to fuck her, I wanted to suck her tits, finger her pussy and feel my hot cum pulse into her cunt but more than anything I just wanted to please her. I have never been with a woman of her caliber. This was unchartered territory for me.

As she continued to undress me, I felt liberated rather than controlled. She unbuckled my belt, undid the buttons on my faded blue jeans and gently slid my pants down to my ankles. I couldn’t help looking down to admire the bulge in my black boxers. I was glad I had a big penis. I would hate to disappoint Miss Joy with a tiny little pecker. Luckily I was blessed with an above average sized cock. My ex girlfriend said it was the most impressive dick she’d ever seen and she had been around the block a few times if ya know what I mean.

I had barely looked at Miss Joy yet. I knew that once I did it would be even harder for me to control myself. It isn’t that I can’t hold my own it’s just that she drives me fucking wild. It is more than her body that turns me on, it is everything about her. She is fucking amazing. She is definitely the most sexually empowered woman I have ever met. She makes the chicks in pornos seem like total amateurs who don;t even understand what true pleasure is.

They are all about trying to make it look like they are getting off. Miss Joy only does what or who she wants. And today, she has chosen me. any ability I had to be lost in my thoughts disappeared once Miss Joy slid my boxers down to my ankles. I looked down just as my cock sprung free to stand at attention. Not that I am into cocks or anything but watching my cock hard and ready to please Miss Joy turned me on like nothing else.

As she stood in front of me I began to really take her in. She was wearing a black corset that accentuated her luscious tits. Her black panties matched her corset and the garters that held her black lace stockings in place. Her scarlett red leather boots came up just past her knees and the heels on her boots looked almost dangerous. Shit, what had I gotten myself into? I felt a little rush of fear rip through me.

Once again, as if Miss Joy was reading my thoughts and knew exactly what I needed, she leaned in close to my body and whispered into my ear, “It’s okay sub, you are safe with me.” I am a capable man with an exceptionally fit body and I pride myself on strength and endurance but I kid you not, I almost fainted. My knees felt week and became light headed. This might sound like a negative reaction but trust me it was a total rush.

It was as if every fear I had in my body. Every fear dancing around in my mind simply vanished. In the absence of fear, I no longer felt nervous. I did feel slightly vulnerable but in a good way. As a boy growing up, my dad was tough on me. My brothers and I were taught that being a man meant being strong. My dad always told us that crying and talking about feelings was for sissies. I was always more sensitive than my brothers, so holding onto my emotions for so long had taken a toll on me.

When I was with Miss Joy, I knew I could tell her anything and she would accept me. She is like my guardian angel. My totally hot, erotic, dominatrix angel. Lol. As a smirk spread across my lips, Miss Joy leaned in and kissed me passionately. She had barely touched me before that moment so it took me by surprise. She tasted  sweet like honey. I felt the pre-cum dripping from my cock as it throbbed and ached. The ache I felt for Mistress Joy wasn’t just physical. It was a surreal wave of desire that totally consumed me. Fuck, I nearly fainted again.

Her lips were so soft and as she seductively slid her tongue into my mouth I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. It was like my cock belonged to a stark raving mad, testosterone filled teenage boy who was taking some sort of erotic steroids. When I say my cock throbbed and pulsed, I don’t mean it throbbed and pulsed like I was some poor chap about to pop his load after a quick fuck. Nah man, I mean I could literally feel every beat of my heart in my cock. I could literally feel the cum pulsing and the blood flowing from my brain straight into my dick.

At that moment Miss Joy pulled back taunting and teasing me with her eyes more than her body. The flash of green and the seductive sparkle fucked with my head on an exponential level. I watched her eyes flow down my body, stopping briefly on my pecks. Being a show off,  I couldn’t help myself. I flexed for her but even my ripped abs and perfectly carved body couldn’t hold her attention. Nah, all she wanted was my boner. Her eyes were focused on my cock with an intensity that reminded me of a bird of prey.

It was as if I was no longer a strong, capable man, I was just prey to her and by the satisfied look in her eyes, it was clear I was the meal she wanted. I watched her as she intently stared at my manhood. She lost herself for a moment and let her tongue glide across her upper lip as if she was anticipating the feeling of my dick in her mouth. As I thought about sliding my cock in her mouth more pre-cum dripped off the tip of my erection.

Even though I had thought about it hundreds of times, it still shocked me when Miss Joy slid her hands down my thighs, bringing her right hand between my legs as she cupped my balls. Tthe cool touch of her hand sent shivers through my body. I felt every hair on my body stand at attention. With my balls still firmly cupped in her hand she leaned in again and kissed me hard and long. Our tongues met and I felt an electric shock jolt through me.

This was the most intense sexual moment I had ever experienced and barely anything had even happened yet. Miss Joy non-verbally asked me to step out of my pants and boxers that were still around my ankles. I did so without a single thought. I could feel her control of me increasing by the second. I would walk through fire for this woman. I would lick, suck and fuck her until my dick and tongue fell off. All she had to do was order me to. I wanted her so bad it almost hurt. I felt the ache in my cock and balls again. Fuck, she was driving me wild.

As Miss Joy stepped back again, I followed her eyes as they wandered down my body and lingered on my wood again. I looked down myself and was shocked at how big it was. On a good day I normally had a substantial girth and just over 7 inches when my dick was fully erect. Today I swear it topped 9 inches. It looked so swollen. The veins on my meat were bulging out and I could still feel the pulse of the blood as it rushed in. The fucked up thing was that we hadn’t even made it out of her hallway yet. Shit, we’d barely made it to first base.

As if on cue, Miss Joy took my hand and led me down a set of hard wood stairs. I let her guide me but I had to hold the railing with my other hand to steady myself. I felt light headed and consumed with lust. When we reached the bottom of the stairs, Miss Joy dropped my hand as she turned the steel knob of an almost medieval looking black door. As she opened the door I couldn’t believe what I saw. When she said she had a “dungeon” and she wanted me to come have a play date with her, I had no idea what to expect.

Her dungeon was fucking awesome. The floors were covered in a plush black rug that stretched from wall to wall. Each wall in the room seemed to have a slightly different focus. I couldn’t help looking around and as I took in the scenery, I felt almost overwhelmed. I had never done anything like this before and that nervous feeling I felt in the pit of my stomach earlier was back with a vengeance. It was at that exact moment that Miss joy placed her cool, soft hand in the center of my naked chest.

I looked up at her and she was staring deep into my soul with her gorgeous green eyes. Some people call them bedroom eyes but I see so much more in her eyes. I see the lust, I feel the want, the control, the passion and the skill. But more than anything, in Miss Joy’s eyes, I see the potential for pleasure. Yes, within her eyes I see the potential for pure unfettered pleasure. The kind that all men long for. In that second, all of my fear vanished again. Gone forever. Never to return. The knowing look of reassurance combined with the possibilities I saw unfolding in her mind took over. I was hers.

Miss Joy placed the palm of her hand on my cheek and spoke in her soft, hypnotic voice, “I won’t do anything you don’t truly want me to do.” Without skipping a beat, I spoke my truth, “I am yours. There is nothing you cannot do to me. There is nothing I will not do to you. You may have all of me in whatever way you want. I offer myself to you. I am wholeheartedly yours my beautiful Goddess. Do with me as you please.” Miss Joy held my eyes and with a sultry look in her eyes she whispered, “As you wish.”

Copyright 2016 Joy Nelson


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  1. Esschander says:

    Pleased to read the story fully and it was written in well personal thoughts n words.
    I would like more personal stories.

    1. Joy says:

      I am writing the second installment in this story and plan on posting it on Amazon. Thanks for your sweet feedback!

      1. Brian says:

        I may have visions of corsets,matching thigh highs,and black panties in my head tonight.

      2. Joy says:

        Lovely…breathe into it and let your passion unfold.

      3. I love this statement, “breathe into it and let your passion unfold.” Very descriptive and simplistic. You definitely have a way with words.

  2. Brian says:

    Joy…I loved the first part…the response it caused…was enjoyable 😀

    I can’t wait to read part 2… I’m hoping for some spanking, tease and denial, maybe a vibrating cock ring, and some pegging.


    1. Joy says:

      Thanks! Not even I know what will happen next…oh wait, yes I do. I already wrote the second part 😉

      1. Brian says:


        How might one find the second part? I’ve read the first part three times..and I keep coming back for more. My response levels keep rising…

      2. Joy says:

        Thank you for your comment! I truly need the support as I unleash my creative, erotic nature onto the world. I posted a link to the second book. I am writing the third in this moment and will publish it tomorrow…then a new adventure will begin!
        From my heart to yours,

      3. Brian says:

        Happy writing…I’m off to bed but my imagination may keep me well as other parts of me. I also enjoyed your you tube video on sensual relaxation.

        Be well


      4. Joy says:

        Sweet dreams Brian!

  3. bob says:


    1. Joy says:

      Thank you!

  4. bob says:

    Loved this story….hot & amazing in so many ways

    1. Joy says:

      Thanks for your continued support!

  5. Dinesh says:

    Very interesting and exciting …… Luv U

  6. Brian says:

    Joy….my imagination and passion ran wild last night. I imagined being bound on all fours, blindfolded, and those black panties draped over my head…smelling the sweet nectar. I began to feel my p spot being worked over while being spanked with a paddle…

    1. Joy says:

      So glad you enjoyed my writing! Thank you so much for the on going encouragement!

    2. Joy says:

      RELEASE: Book III of the Miss Joy Series is finished! Should be published this evening…

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