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I am almost finished the second installment of my story. I enjoy the unfolding process as the words, thoughts and feelings flow through and from me. The story takes shape as I write it which is a truly inspirational and sensuous journey. The private feedback I received via Facebook messages, emails, etc. was so intriguing. Some people sent me a very descriptive account of their physical reactions, some shared the emotional journey and others shared both their emotional and physical reactions.

In the past, hearing the intensity of desire, passion and arousal honestly kind of freaked me out. Part of my own reaction is definitely because I am a loving, committed and monogamous partner. But it is more than that. Somehow hearing people’s reactions felt really personal. Intimate and deep. Considering the focus of my blog, it makes sense that people would share details about their intimate lives with me. I couldn’t really understand why the arousal reactions to my erotica made me feel so uncomfortable.

When something makes us feel uncomfortable, it usually means we have more work to do. So I have been sitting in quiet, sensuous contemplation listening to my inner Goddess. What I discovered is that it is okay to evoke these emotions, feelings, and even deep arousal in others using the power of my words. The discomfort I felt was just the judgments I feared from people in our society who are disconnected from their inner sensual nature and their sexual energy.

Some of the words used to describe my writing Raunchy, Erotic, Sensual, Delightful, Moving, Entrancing…A few people called me a “naughty girl”. Given my history of sexual abuse combined with the fact that I find it distasteful to label a woman with the phrase “girl”, I felt rebellious after receiving these comments. I gently corrected the men and even one woman who referred to me with this term. Unleashing my inner Sex Goddess, tapping into my erotic nature and letting go of my sexual hangs ups and inhibitions does not make me a “naughty girl”. It simply means that I am an empowered woman who is coming into herself and embracing her deeply sexual nature.

In addition to the comments about people’s reactions, I also received a lot of writing advice. One person who knows me personally was slightly put off by the way I depicted my dominance in the first part of the story. He asked me if I wouldn’t truly desire a strong, virile man who would take charge. It brought up an interesting thought for me. Why is it that our society thinks that to be strong, virile and capable, a man must be in charge? I do not see it this way at all. In fact, I think it takes an incredibly strong and capable man who is truly in touch with his masculinity to fully let go and hand over control. It is one of the sexiest sites to behold and an honour to feel a powerful, strong, vibrant, virile man let go into trust and submission.

I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this topic, so please share…

From my heart to yours,


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