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I gave you the gift of DOMINATED: Book I of the Miss Joy Series…My character, Miss Joy is continuing to discover more about herself as a Dominatrix and a seductress in BLINDFOLDED: Book II of the Miss Joy Series. One of my readers just asked how he could access the second part. I am beginning my journey into the sensuously delightful world of indie publishing my erotica.

I am selling my erotica on Amazon for now and hope to soon build an author’s website where I will post pictures, thoughts, and new book releases. I would deeply appreciate your support on this divine journey. As my writing expands and I gain confidence in my skill, I will need you there by my side, whispering words of encouragement in my ear.

I published the second installment of Miss Joy’s journey today, which can be purchased by clicking this Link: BLINDFOLDED: Book II of the Miss Joy Series If you feel inspired by my process and my vulnerability, you can also purchase the first installment by clicking this link: DOMINATED: Book I of the Miss Joy Series. I also published the first in another series I wrote a couple years ago when I was not brave enough to publish my work. You can purchase the first installment here: Amorina: Book I of the Erotic Enigma Series

I look forward to sharing more with you as I travel along this wondrous and magical path. Please be gentle with me in your comments and feedback as I am just an emerging author. I hope your deepest desires come true; if not in real life, within your mind…where anything is possible. From my heart to yours…

Sweet Dreams,



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  1. Brian says:

    Oh my Joy..great job of taking the reader to an erotic place..I too ended up like the character aroused and leaking Precum. The hard part* pun not intended* is delaying the release (whole other issue) and building upon the final over the top climax. Your writing greatly enhances that chance to escape and pretend what it would be like.!! Bravo

    1. Joy says:

      Awe, thank you Brian! I embrace your compliments and your arousal…I just finished editing RELEASED: Book III of the Miss Joy Series. I will message you when it is live. From my heart to yours, Joy

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