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Beyond my focus on coaching and writing, I am also a serial entrepreneur. I have always loved the independence that is attainable through entrepreneurial pursuits. Recently, after posting a question in an online business support group, I made a connection with Kevin, one of the brilliant entrepreneurs behind the new sexual enhancement product, Epulse.

Kevin mentioned that he reached out to me partially because his business focus is also related to sexuality. At some point during our conversation, he shared more about the  launch of his Epulse product. As he began to describe Epulse, I became increasingly interested. Over the years, many of my clients have used a variety of pharmaceutical products to enhance their erection, stamina and performance.

Although Epulse is mainly intended to be used by men who vape regularly, Kevin mentioned that women seem to also enjoy the relaxation benefits it provides. As I began researching Epulse, I was excited by the idea that this product might provide a more natural enhancement product for my clients. I would never recommend a product I haven’t personally tried, so I was excited when Kevin offered to send me a sample and a vape device.

He sent me the Epulse Erector Set. I was quite delighted when I opened the package. The device was lovely and I liked the overall presentation. I have never been a smoker and I am not a regular vaper though my sister enjoys vaping and I have vaped with her a few times while soaking in her hot tub. If you understand my sexual psyche, you would immediately realize that my positive, relaxing connection to vaping combined with my desire to experience expanded pleasure makes Epulse a perfect fit for me.

My lover set up the vaping device, making sure that the power settings were accurately programed and that the device was properly loaded with Epulse. The first night I tried Epulse with my lover we had already consumed a couple glasses of wine which seemed to create a less desirable reaction for me. I discussed this with Kevin and learned more about the ingredients. I decided to try Epulse again by myself during the afternoon without wine consumption.

This experience was far more enjoyable. I already felt deeply relaxed and as is usual for me, I was naturally aroused. I soaked in a hot bath, stepped out into the crisp air, dried off, then slipped beneath the covers of my bed. After tucking myself in, I loaded the device, double checking the power settings for optimum use. As I inhaled, I focused on slowing my breath and opening my mind to arousal. The cherry vanilla flavor is delightful (of course this is one of my favorite taste combinations).

I relaxed into myself while soaking up the sun rays beaming through my south facing window. I felt a surge of energy each time I inhaled. I continued to focus on the feelings and sensations in my body. I briefly thought about my lover and when I did I immediately felt as if I was transported to a different space within my mind.

My body reacted in sensuously delightful ways as I continued to explore this new found state of being. As I pleasured myself, I felt the waves of my nearing climax beginning to ripple through my body. At that moment I paused to take one more puff of Epulse which seemed to increase the blissfully sensuous feelings rippling through me. It is difficult for me to know why it worked the way it did.

I am a believer in the powers of natural substances, especially those inhaled into your lungs but I also understand the placebo effect. Either way, it was an enjoyable experience. I think that, with this in mind, it is important to try Epulse when you are relaxed and feeling aroused. I also read this on the Epulse site, but I already thought it before I read it.

I tried Epulse a couple more times. One of the times I had again consumed a bit of wine. For me personally, it doesn’t seem like Epulse combines well with wine. The fourth time I tried it, I intentionally did not drink wine and again I found the effects to be sensuous and enjoyable.

As with any sexual enhancement product, it is advisable to discuss its use with your physician before trying it. I will not claim to understand the health ramifications or benefits of vaping and it is not my intention to promote Epulse; I am simply sharing my experience with you. However, if you do decide to try it, I would love to hear about your experience!

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